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  1. Not just the costumes, Barry, Rebecca, Excella and Josh too.
    Sorry if I didn't make that clear lol, it includes EVERYTHING excluding the scenarios in EVERY piece of DLC.
    Lol, I know, its really stupid. :|
    Microsoft don't let anyone have an update over 5mb, so they couldn't include it in the update like they did with the PS3 version.
  2. Infact, no, Costume Pack 2 will be the exact file size; it'll be the exact same as Costume Pack 1, except the Resource arc will allow you to only use Sheva and Chris' second costumes.
  3. Yeah, in the PS3 version the files are all in the update, however the Xbox version has all the files in every DLC part.
    Even the figures are there, sounds and everything, the only thing is that they've put a restriction on using them.
    So stupid, you're basically paying for all the files 4 times.
    The costume pack alone is 150mb due to everyons models included.
  4. You know whats also funny?
    All the new Reunion characters are in both Costume Pack 1 + LiN, the only thing is that Capcom have blocked you from using them.
    Whats also odd is a third Jill costume, probably LiN one.
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