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  1. I think 'antics' is a little weak for a lot of the things that go on here. Maybe hijinks or shenanigans would be a better description.
  2. This is true... Ah, THIA. Some of my most grueling work days have been brightened by being able to laugh at the antics that occur on this forum.
  3. lol It's no big thing, if people didn't fight around here, it wouldn't feel like THIA. xD
  4. Wait, oh, my gosh, that was you? Oops. Now, I feel bad, lmao. I don't think I quite realized it was you with whom I was arguing. Haha. Anyway, thank you so much! How very kind of you. <3
  5. Happy Birthday... even if we did get into a verbal fist fight over HUNK's importance in the series.
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