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  1. So am I. Hopefully, RE is back to the roots.
  2. I'm sure it will be released in HQ sometime soon. I really am excited for this additional content!
  3. Totally!. I want that picture in HQ so bad!
  4. It's about time, isn't it?! This is the kind of RE we have been waiting for! Chris & Jill, side-by-side again!

  5. I was even insulted for my english or my behaveiour... it's ridiculous. So I know It's my fault too, because I don't pay attention to them, I just skip their comments or I throw a silly comment or even an insult... which leads me to a infraction.

    When you throw something about Jill, something negative xD, you're even funny, others I don't worry about. That's the difference... I can really quote you knowing you won't take anything as serious as the others do.

    Lol, I'm glad there's no further debate on religion or politics, this would be a mess.

    "Cue the Jill fan angst to begin in 3...2...1...

    Oh, it has already started!"

  6. I agree. I don't cry if someone says something about Jill, but they're always the same persons and it gets annoying. It's like they induce you to start a fight and they wait for Jill fans to jump on them (which now are even more than when I registered in here). It might be amusing and all but oh well... I would really like to feel free to say whatever I want about a fictional character...

    So they can call you fansboys, or they can treat you with an ironic.
  7. Yeah, it's tough being a Jill fan or a Leon hater. There's even more so a stigma on Jill fans. You can't say anything about her any more, or else someone will jump on you. Just like when I want to rip on Leon, I have to consider the backlash from the Leon Defense Force, and it's just not worth it to hear them cry.

    People need to face it - everyone here has different opinions on the characters. Arguments about ALL things will occur. It's just the tendency on a forum that includes so many different people.

    Lucky for me, my fave is Chris. Most people don't care for him, and his fans aren't that uptight to get upset over others insulting him.

    Plus, you're right about it being slow times around here. Especially after the hype leading up to RE5.
  8. Hehe... I don't really care either, but oh well you ARE a nice person... I know that... but I can't control myself with other members and I usually act like an idiot and throw an insult... I don't post arguments to play nice... I recently got an infraction for trying to "explain" why the Jill topic shouldn't be closed... so I'll try to pay attention now... It's good to disagree with someone and debate about it but when someone calls you "fanboy" and misunderestimates you for having the name of your fav character in your nick, it's not easy... I can't say "I would like to see Jill in Darkside Chro" not even as a wishful thinkin', they just throw you comments like "oh you can't see beyond your sickness fanaticism"... soooo...
  9. Eh, if I get infractions I get them. What another person sees as "mean," a moderator may see as "get over it."

    And JL, if I disagreed with you, we'd probably have some banter too. Doesn't mean I don't love ya! ;)
  10. No more infractions.. Play nice guys. ;)
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