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  1. No problem man, I'm doing good thanks. Moving into an apartment with my fiancée next week so I've just been packing all my stuff up. It's only a 1 bedroom so my RE collection has to go into storage for awhile :/
  2. Thanks for the birthday message man! Hope all is well.
  3. Happy Birthday dude!

    I'll be 28 in six months, not a fan of this whole, "getting older" shit lol.
  4. Happy Birthday old friend.
  5. Oh cool thanks again man
  6. Just realised I forgot series 3 and 4. Edited them in for you
  7. Thanks so much man, now I know that I just need Leon, Rebecca and Jill/Drain deimos to make the basic structure to connect with the legs and tentacles I already have. I kinda figured the more expensive/rare figures would have all the good parts I need Thanks again!
  8. Happy Birthday Gene! (ignore the sweetheart part)

  9. Hey Gene, remember that cardboard foldout of the remake mansion you got? what exactly is it, and do you have any leads on where to get one, though I'm guessing an auction? Thanks man.
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