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  1. Yeah, it was good, but I got a really bad headache, totally worth it for a night like that.

    My friend who's getting married, had to drink a really nasty mixture of drinks all in a pint glass.

    I think it was beer, vodka, sambucca, aftershock and a whole load other stuff, they topped it off with Bailey's which is a cream liqueur, it floated straight to the top and looked really gross, he got made to drink it. I felt sick watching him drink it. He says some of it was chewy. Lol.

    I had a couple of bottles of Budweiser, stayed with him till 1am, came home had some vodka and Irn-Bru.

    Overall it was great, glad I ain't gettim married. Wish something like that would happen every Saturday.
  2. Lol I should have put In" instead of "On" my bad.
  3. Haha, yeah it's practically the same here. Those embarrassing pranks are played here when you go for a Despedida de Soltero. Strip clubs are often used here, but you're quite right, none seems to be interested on getting married nowadays. Stag night sounds pretty simple and nice. So how was that night stag? Did you enjoy the trip? ^^
  4. I just looked it up.

    A stag night is known in Austrailia as a buck's party and in South Africa its a bull's party.

    It is thought the idea started in ancient 'Sparta' 5th century BC.

    Its says it signals the stags transition from being single to being married.

    The night also acts as last act of freedom and goes beyond the usual drinking and/or gambling. Such as a strip club, hiring a stripper or escort and some countries 'hazing' and pranks are played at the expense of the stag.

    So it all pretty much the same as Despedida de Soltero except only the name changes by countries.

    Don't like the sound of French one, it sounds really weird.
  5. To be honest I have no idea why it's called a stag night, I'm gonna go look it up.

    Despedida de Soltero sounds more or less like the same as a stag night.

    Except sometimes, an exceedingly 'embarrassing prank' is played on the stag.

    i.e. getting tied to a light-post, then getting all his clothes took of him, usually left with a red L sign, to cover up.

    Don't really know if the 'tricks' are still done, no-one really seems to bother with gettin married anymore.
  6. Yeah here it is called Single's farewell "Despedida de Soltero" When your friends give you a special and secret party (going to nightclubs, or someone's house, it depends on the person too.. sometimes both) It is unlikely that those who are getting married to go together to this kind of parties but it is possible. Because when you go alone with ur friends it means you are going to see chicks naked and that stuff, so that's why it is calle your last night as a single person ^^... how is it called there?
  7. It's just, I don't have any music ability in me whatsoever, but I know what I like.

    Like Mr Burns in The Simpsons, he's not particularly good at anything, but he know's what he likes.

    Maybe I should ask him how to make money. Lol.

    Gotta go, got a friends stag night to go to tomorrow. (Last Night of Freedom) Lol.

    Sorry to sound ignorant, but is there any traditional event mean't for the man or woman, before they get married in Argentina?

    Just curious.
  8. Not rude at all!. (Y) So you're saying to get some others tracks from differents things which I like and make something with them?.
  9. What would be cool. (no pressure mean't)

    Is more tracks like this, (your RE track) would be cool for speed-runs, not saying you have to do it, but would be cool.

    Whats your favourite soundtracks? (games/films/whatever)

    Mine as I said earlier, are Mortal Kombat movie soundtrack & Trainspotting, there are many types of music on both.

    Sorry to go on, but Scarface is another favourite of mine, even though there isn't a particular type of music I like on the soundtrack .

    Gonna shut up now, I tend to go on at times.
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