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  1. Yeah, I've been going fine until the part with the nurse, I have to get the power on or she won't come out.

    To make matters worse I've to solve the power problem, while another character fights off hordes of monsters, the A.I. is horrendously slow, so an online feature would be helpful.
  2. Its understandable, hope you can get past it though ha.
  3. Oh, ok, thats cool.

    I just assumed you had played both.
  4. Sorry dude, I've only played the second one and yet to play the first, so sorry I can't help you.
  5. Obscure.

    Hope you don't mind helping if its ok.

    Been playing Obscure, I have to rescue a nurse, but she won't come out. (annoying bitch, sorry)

    Anyway, I still have the 4 main characters (Stan, Josh, Shannon and Ashley???) I have 2 handguns with torches attached, shotgun with torch, wire for picking doors, a screwdriver and 5 save discs, am I doing ok, or should I start again?

    One more thing, I started the game and the photo ID's of the main characters was clean, but now the pics are covered with blood, should I worry?
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