The Horror Is Alive FAQ

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Avatar regulations.

Avatars are the small images underneath usernames. You can choose from a number of Avatars within the forum which have been specifically made by THIA. All of THIA's created Avatars will contain something related to Resident Evil however we do not mind if other users use avatars which arent related to Resident Evil.

We also allow users to upload their own Avatars from their computer or you can link to a picture on the web to select as your Avatar. We do restrict the size for Avatars, they should be no greater than 125x150 pixels in size and no greater than 15kb in size.

In order to help prevent confusion, we have chosen to institute a unique Avatar system. This system will make it so that another user cannot select a THIA created Avatar that is currently in use by someone else. This was decided on because many of the more popular Avatar's were getting used too much and it was becoming difficult to easily recognize a user based on their Avatar.

We ask that you do not have any Avatar's which are pornographic or disturbing in nature.

If you require help in resizing or making an avatar please consult the current "Signature/Avatar Request" topic which can be found by clicking here.

Signatures regulations.

A Signature is the small area beneath a users posts. It can display any images or text that you wish.

We do ask that you keep the size of an image in your signature to no more than 400x150 pixels in size. This is designed to help for easier viewing of the forum for both 56k members and users with low desktop resolutions.

Like Avatar's we request that you keep pornographic and disturbing images out of your signature.

If there is a problem with your signature usually a Moderator or Admin will PM you about it. If no action is taken in the next few days we will modify your signature for you. However there are cases where signatures are so large that an immediate action is required.

If you require help in resizing or making a signature please consult the current "Signature/Avatar Request" topic which can be found by clicking here.

Unmarked Spoilers

To help safeguard against users revealing parts of the many Resident Evil game's plot we ask that you please use spoiler code when you are posting something that reveals part of a games plot. However to help the user decide if they want to read the spoiler you should put some sort of a description of what the spoiler is about.

An example of this would be:

I hear in the end of Resident Evil 3, the Nemesis [spoiler]is killed with a shot from a rail cannon[/spoiler].

Constant violations of this rule may lead to a temporary ban by an Admin or a Moderator. Continue to use spoiler code until the game is released in all territories. This includes PAL, NTSC, and NTSC-J (Japan). Therefore it is not necessary to use the spoiler code for older games.

Administrator or Moderator Abuse

We do not allow Admins or Moderators to single out a user for punisment when it is not justified. If you feel you are the victim of abuse by an Admin or a Mod you can PM either Dot50Cal or Ice[DDZ] with your issue.

Becoming a Moderator

At the time of writing this FAQ we have more than enough users on the board who can monitor it. However if you wish to become a moderator the best way to do that would be to attempt to do the following:
  • Conform to the rules of the board
  • Participate often on the board and in a mature manner
  • Attempt to inform misguided users in the proper board etiquette in a mature manner
  • Attempt to answer the questions of other board users
If you follow these simple rules the chances of you becoming a moderator when we require one will increase greatly. Please do not Private Message the Administrators or Moderators requesting to be one.

What are "Trusted Members?" and or the "Members Extra's forum"?

Trusted Member's are users who have been with us for a while and have gained high reputation in our community. You can gain this status by showing the proper maturity and responsibility on the forum. Users with low postcounts are generally not made into this, as they contribute very little to the community.

The Members Extra's forum is an area which is only accessible to users who have gained Trusted Members status. This is an area where those users can discuss topics which would normally be taboo in the general forum population. It is also a place where these users get first crack at our new content usually days before it is released onto the news page.

THIA Contest Rules and Regulations

Contests are open to users who have registered on the forum and are active in the community.

In order to be eligible for the contest you MUST fill in your information during registration in the "Contest Details" section. Failure to do this will delay or possibly even prevent you from joining the contest. If you registered before this option appeared or have forgotten to include your information please Private Message Dot50Cal with the following information:
  • State
  • City
  • Birthdate
  • Zipcode
Contests are created at random times however there will always be a waiting period from when the contest is announced to when it is open. This is so that the maximum amount of people who visit the sitte can know when the contest opens.

Currently with the site being under construction the way contests are held has been modified. We will now modify a post in the forum. The post can be made by anyone and not just a Moderator or and Administrator. The post will be modified with the following image:

You are then tasked with finding the post which contains the image. When you find the post with this image in it, Click it and it will currently take you to an email form. Simply fill in your Forum User Name in the body of the email and send it. That is all you need to do. I will email winners as they send in their form.

Since the prizes differ each time the number of winners also fluxuates. Also since we realize that not every winner can use a particular assigned prize, we allow the winners to select their prize. Who gets first choice is determined by who finds the image and sends their entry in first and so on.

Once I confirm your place as a winner in the contest I will ask what prizes you would want and in what order. You do not need to pay for shipping and the contest is open to users who are anywhere in the world.

Do not send in multiple entries. One is sufficient and you will not win all the prizes. Only 1 prize per user is permitted.

Do not attempt to cheat in the contest! This is very important. Anyone caught cheating in the contest will be:
  • Banned from the forum and website forever
  • Have his or her city blacklisted on the contest
We take cheating VERY seriously. It does not matter who cheats, the above actions will be taken against them. Cheating consists of:
  • Informing other users of the contest links location and or form
  • Using multiple accounts to get prizes
We have many different ways of detecting cheaters so do not try and attempt this.

During the contests running time we will disable the following on the forum in order to prevent cheating:
  • New User Registrations
  • Private Messaging
  • Searching
The contest will run until I receive enough entry's to cover all the prizes. We also reserve the right to deny prizes to any user for any reason. If someone does not respond to my email we will then go to the next user who submitted their form.

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