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  • ~~COLD FEAR~~

    A Resident Evil Knockoff?

    Some people claim that this game is nothing more than a Resident Evil ripoff. I even saw an article in Game informer making the same claim.

    I personally donít think so. I enjoyed the game. My only true problems with it is that there is no map, a small variety of monster, and who ever came up with the idea of using doorways as save points needs to be slapped. If anyone has played the game they would know what I mean.

    The Zombies (if you want to call them that) were to be by far the toughest and coolest Zombies I had ever fought and any video game. That is until I played Resident Evil 4. And I might get bitched at for saying this, but the I think Zombies in Cold Fear run very close to Resident Evil 4.

    I must admit that there is a few other similarities that are hard to ignore. The one I noticed right off hand was where you had to kill the head mercenary because you needed his eye ball to access a lock on a door.... Damn that sounds familiar.

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    i honestly didnt think it was a knockoff, its like a mixture of the old school RE's with RE4 style shooting, if it wasnt for the uber small game length it could have been a good experience.


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      Pretty cool game, i liked it but i never beat it.
      Got annoyed because of the lack of map, save system and the fact that you cant carry items and stuff with you.
      The atmosphere was really nice, the grapchics were cool, and the storm on a boat effects great.
      And who said that a RE rip off is a bad thing?


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        i'm still in the process of completing this but i'm quickly losing interest with the lack of save points and what not. zombies are really intense in combat and the killing moves are ok but having to actually smash the head into pieces so they won't get back up is a nice mechanic.


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          I’m not a big Marilyn Manson fan. But I think his music video on COLD FEAR kicks major ass. It’s something Capcom should of thought of for the Resident Evils. If anyone wants to see it just leave the start screen as it is. It may take a little while but it’s worth it.

          Yeah the Zombie fights are intense. Also it was nerve racking (in a good way) having to keep an eye on the many dead bodies that was littered all over the place. You never knew when one was going to get back up and charge you (and they were fast), not to mention having to watch out for those little spider bastards that would reanimate the dead. -Reminded me a little of the Flood on HALO 2, where after you killed the bigger ones you had to worry about the little ones bringing them back-.
          It got to the point where I was taking heads of EVERYONE I came across.

          To me - Even more intense was the first fight with.... I’ll just say “The Thing In The Dark.” There is reasons to be afraid of the dark and he’s one of them. It’s the thing you fight in the corridor, after opening the door with the mercenaries eyeball. It was one hell of a welcome. That booger was tough and his attacks was hard to track. He moved fast and all you could see at first was his weird eyes -and by that point he was right on top of you. Just plain freaked me out. The cut scene of him coming out of the vent shaft looked a lot like the same cut of the first appearance of the wall crawling creature in DOOM 3. Also the use of fire to make a temporary wall between you and Him seemed straight outta another similar game, THE THING.

          I say all this outta respect for COLD FEAR. I enjoyed the game and agree that it stood on it’s own feet.


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            Ice tipped me off to the game, I went and bought the PC version a day before it was recalled. I cant say I played the game very far, It just didnt strike me as interesting.


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              I've been seeing this game around for fairly cheap, and my RE4 is starting to wear thin, soooo... Would anyone here reccommend me picking it up in an attempt to tide me over until RE5 or another Zombie-esque game?
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                I might pick it up used as well, looks interesting...hmm he does look like a Bruce wanna be though, almost like a Resident Evil Dead Aim ripp off if you think about it...ship, random chick , zombies, bizzare monsters, i think it might be a ok game.
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                  haha now that everyone else is buzzing, i guess i'll pick myself up a copy as well


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                    Yeah, it worth bad the saving system is so freakin' lame.
                    I have the game...might beat it some time.


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                      It looked fantastic for a Renderware game. I got the PS2 one for merely $15 new, but I just couldn't get into it because of the FPS style aiming. The loading times were long in that version too.

                      Ironically, despite the similarities in story and gameplay, the bulk of the game's design was done before the final version of RE4 started. Talk about bad luck for Darkworks.

                      They were rightfully accused of copying RE back in 2000 with AITD4.. but that one was too obvious.


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                        Well, AITD was made before RE...


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                          Bought this really cheap a while ago, played for a little bit and then stopped playing. I didn't really know what I was doing and the whole headshot shit made me get bored quickly.