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  • Deep Fear

    A week or so ago, Yama at Biohaze posted about a Sega Saturn game called Deep Fear. I did a little research into the game and what it was all about...

    And i found myself staring right back at a really good looking Resident Evil clone! Perhaps not storyline wise, but gameplay wise, as you can see in this video...

    Was searching around for it and found it on ebay last night for 40 ($80) and the missus has put the money up for me as a Christmas present, i love it when she embraces my nerdy side! haha

    So, did anyone else ever play this? It never made it to the US, only UK and Japan apparently. And it was the last ever officially licensed Saturn game in the UK so i understand!

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    Damn, I never heard of this. It actually looks like it might be fun.


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      Apparently all of the game's dialogue is in English too, and Japanese copies are easier and cheaper to come across if you're interested!


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        Yeah I've played a good chunk of it, a video store near me once had it for rent. I tried to purchase it off them and they wouldn't let me... later on the same year they just sold all of their Saturn stuff... including that game for like a criminal $10 cost. I haven't had any luck finding another copy since.


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          I played it at a now-bankrupt import store mid 99 shortly before DC1 was out. I liked it quite a bit, but mainly because I was still enamoured with the the traditional survival horror formula. I still am I guess.. I just never realized it until the genre died down.