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  • Devil May Cry 4 (Demo & Discussion)

    The demo is now available for Xbox 360 owners via Xbox Live. The PSN demo is expected to arrive within the next 24 hours.

    __________________________________________________ __

    Release Dates:-
    __________________________________________________ __
    Xbox Live -> 24th January, 2008 (Gold Member Exclusivity)
    PSN Store -> 24th January, 2008

    North America / US
    Xbox Live -> 24th January, 2008 (Gold Member Exclusivity)
    PSN Store -> 24th January, 2008

    Xbox Live -> 24th January, 2008 (Gold Member Exclusivity)
    PSN Store -> 31st January, 2008

    Note: As with most demos on Xbox Live, they will ONLY be available to Gold Xbox Live Subscribers for about a week or two. It is safe to assume it is the same for this demo. PSN users can enjoy no restrictions when downloading the demo.
    __________________________________________________ __

    Controls: -
    __________________________________________________ __

    Controls for Xbox 360 are pretty similar, though I don't have a controller map available. Sorry!
    __________________________________________________ __

    Demo Content (Dante is NOT playable)
    __________________________________________________ __

    - This is clearly a snippet of one of the missions in the game
    - Time Limit: 10 Minutes
    - Completion of this mission (crossing the drawbridge) takes you to the beginning of the EXECUTION mission.

    Mission: EXECUTION Phase 1

    - No time limits.
    - Features the classic DMC1 enemy - Frost.

    Mission: EXECUTION Phase 2

    - Closes the demo
    - Occurs at the end of the ice levels.

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    How many uses of bullet time will make it into this installment of the rapidly failing series? Still, least it looks good


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      Failing? DMC3 was the best of the series, it was the fastest and biggest in terms of content. How can you say it's failing?


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        I went into it all in another thread, but basically it's just all getting real old real fast and they're running out of ideas on how to keep it going fast, and it shows. It's all just the same thing, only differences between DMC1 and DMC3 (DMC2 is just plain crap) are the fact Dante is younger, has an attitude, has a long lost brother (cheesiest/most over used storyline ever), and bullet time is used to death. It's the same game.


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          Can we can the fanboy arguements and leave them for that other thread then?
          I'd rather talk about the demo, I just downloaded it for the 360.

          While I can't talk about the PS3 demo, the 360 one is pretty tight with exception to the Joypad layout.
          Its pretty difficult to use the shoulder buttons for Nero's grim grip *pressing the RB Button and B at the same time, it would have been nicer to map the lock on button to the right trigger*

          With exception to that and the feeling that the joypad isn't exactly right for the game, the 360 demo keeps a solid 60fps *with exception to cutscenes which aren't ingame*

          Edit: As far as Xbox goes control wise, its pretty similar, with RB being lock on and the back button being taunt.

          Really digging the sword rev moves.

          2nd edit: The demo was about 650mb.
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            Okay! Just finished having my first play with the demo. It's very good - though you start off without a few of the Devil Bringer's abilities.

            You can choose between either EXTERMINATION (Section 01 in my guide above) or EXECUTION (Section 02 and Section 03). So basically, they're selectable.

            First of all, the graphics are amazing. I can't get over how the game is constantly running at an extremely fluid and beautiful 60fps constantly, even during the Berial boss fight. Fortuna and the ice areas all look amazing! I'm blown away by the quality of the game - I knew it'd be good, but not this good!

            Nero himself is alright to control, though in the heat of battle and trying to obtain SSS ranks, I can't see myself using the charge function of the Red Queen sword much, as it doesn't feel fluid enough (but that's just me I guess). You can't perform a charge while attacking, you can move, but no attacking. Using an "exceeded" blow on an enemy does LOOK cool too, and also comes in handy when battling the Frosts in EXECUTION.

            The Devil Bringer certainly mixes things up alot. It allows you to essentially chain together a larger amount of combos due to the ability to pull enemies towards you as well as the ability to throw them around a bit. I'm sure there are more features and abilities that are unlocked as time goes by, but for now, that's it. You can throw, pull or use the Devil Bringer as a grappling hook in the demo.

            Definitely an awesome demo to put out - I'm extremely happy and I will be practicing until the final game comes out.

            My only concern - switching over to Dante without the Devil Bringer may feel like a step backwards when the time finally comes, though I guess I'll have to wait and find out. Lastly, the Right Bumper being used for Lock-on does NOT feel right.


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              Originally posted by rewak View Post
              has a long lost brother (cheesiest/most over used storyline ever)
              Yes, and there never was a long lost brother in DMC1

              DMC2 was failure, but DMC3 was a great game, and the bullet-time and all those over-the-top scenes suited the style of the game. You don't like it, ok, but please don't say that the series is rapidly failing.
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                Exactly, hopefully there's a control menu to change buttons, thats the only button I have gripes with atm.

                I actually am enjoying using Nero more then Dante just from playing that demo *and comparing Dante to his DMC3 incarnation*
                The Devil Bringer and snatch make it really easy to beef up combos till SSS, although I haven't had much joy tying in Charge moves to combos yet.


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                  First impressions not so good, maybe it'll get better with the final game. Nero's just about okay, but the pacing and the speed is back to pre-turbo DMC3 so it's hard to get used to a slower game. It's quite easy so far too, which is my main gripe.

                  Dot, where are your comparison pics?


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                    He'll probably post them later today here, once he's got a good pile.

                    So far, the 360 version seems to be the visual winner.
                    (Higher res textures, cleaner image)

                    Controls for Xbox 360 are pretty similar, though I don't have a controller map available. Sorry!
                    If you've got an XSATA or any other way to access your 360 HDD, I'm almost certain the controller image (if present in the demo) is a .PNG file stored somewhere inside the demo package.


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                      Saw few of Dot's comparison pics. Slightly sharper textures on 360 up close, but the lighting is better on PS3. They wildly varied, but it seems to be a wash overall, which is a good thing.

                      You can upscale the game to 1080p on 360, which should cover up the aliasing better.


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                        Dot has a few shots over at GAF, but there's no love for THIA =P

                        But yeah, I understand the gripes with it being a little slower. I'm getting both versions, mainly cos I want the best of both worlds with the two separate editions of the collector's editions.

                        Unfortunately, I don't have an XSATA device either - but thanks anyway for the help Carn.

                        Did anyone else fear that once you switch over to Dante, you won't have as much freedom due to a lack of Devil Bringer? Though I suppose Trickster could kind of substitute.

                        Are there spoiler codes for THIA? I've got some DMC4 spoilers, but I'll only post em if people are interested (DMC was never good for story anyway =p)


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                          Honestly, I don't like Nero so no worries for me. I need to spend some more time to get adjusted to him, but the difficulty is certainly easier than usual (I was told it's set on easy).

                          Looking forward to style switching with Dante for sure.


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                            Overall I gotta say the PS3 version is better here. After speaking with some of the Beyond3D guys they found out why the comparisons I was doing were making the 360 one look better. Both versions are 2x MSAA 720p, and have the same textures.

                            +/- Has a negative LOD Bias which makes all textures sharp and crisp, though this makes far away textures look very oversharpened and the "shimmering" effect.

                            -30 FPS Cutscenes
                            +/- Has a blur effect for fast camera movement, can sometimes make textures appear lower resolution in still shots.

                            +60 FPS Cutscenes (framerate varies from 30-60)
                            +Has Temporal AA
                            +Better Ice shaders

                            Gif of the framerate difference in cutscenes:


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                              I can only hope the cutscenes are 60fps in the final build due to it being on disc rather and that the reason for the 30fps in the 360 build *and Ps3* were due to Compression.