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  • Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe

    [SIZE="4"] First Image of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Published[/SIZE]
    12:03 AM CST - Jeff Greeson
    The folks over at Mortal Kombat Online have been given the go ahead to release an image prior to the Midway Gamers' Day embargo of Friday, April 18th 4:00pm PDT (6:00pm CDT). Since we appreciate the collaborative efforts of MKO while out at Midway Gamers' Day, we'll be kind to simply point you to their website to check out the picture.

    As of now, there is nothing else that we can reveal right now until the end of the press embargo. The game's official website will one day feature content, but currently features a default setup page. Soon on TRMK you can expect a trailer, several images, and some detailed information on the new Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe game fairly shortly after it expires. Until then, head on over to our new Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Forum and discuss the latest revelations with fellow fans.
    Surce: <--- here is de 1 trailer

    , or
    Chose your destiny...

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    Wow, I don't even know how to respond to this one...


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      Well, i'll start the debate by saying that it will be an honorable pleasure to whip Bruce Wayne's ass with Scorpion.
      I'm a blackstar.


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        Stupid. That's all there is to it. The franchise went downhill in 1997 with MK4 and it kept spiraling downwards last generation. This was the last hope for the franchise's resurrection as a good fighter series.. oh well. There's always UMK3 on XBL and MKII on PSN.


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          Originally posted by LeigiBoy View Post
          , or
          Chose your destiny...

          My Choice:


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            My choice:

            Batman will have his batass kicked back to batland.


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              ...what? This is almost as scwered up as that Gundam Wing Dyansty warriors game. I still have a friend who refuses to acknolwadge it could exist, even when I showed him a copy in store.


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                What the fuck o_O

                I just can't imagine Scorpion vs Superman fight... Although DC universe is full of psychos that will fit the MK universe (Lobo :>).

                I only hope that Fatalities will still be in the game. Sub-Zero pullig off Batman's head... priceless .


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                  Apparently there won't be any fatalities and little gore.WTF,that's what made MK such a great game.How many games could u pull of someones skin or punch them onto a bed of spikes?


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                    This is pathetic.
                    WHy are Midway games still in business? They haven't made anything of merit in over a decade.

                    And for those who said Batman would lose, bugger off.
                    Batman has proven time and time again that it only takes 2 things to beat someone, time to come up with a plan and the finances to implement it.
                    Bruce Wayne has both.

                    Originally posted by SlurmsMackenzie View Post
                    Apparently there won't be any fatalities and little gore.WTF,that's what made MK such a great game.How many games could u pull of someones skin or punch them onto a bed of spikes?

                    I think this whole idea is pathetic, the DC comic code says that their front line of hero characters can't outwardly murder or take life,... so that begs the question, WHY ARE THEY IN A MORTAL KOMBAT GAME -_- *Yes I am aware Wonder Woman murdered Maxwell Lord in the leadup to infinite crisis but that was done on purpose in order to shock readers*.
                    But basically cause of the DC "code" so to speak this game won't have finishers unless MK characters could do it to themselves.

                    And MK was never a great game, it just had a gimmick which was overused.

                    I really wish Ed Boon would give up, he and Tobias were complete hacks back in the day, and Boon still is a one trick pony now.
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                      The trailer's limited gameplay doesnt look very convincing to me.


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                        Dude, I think I was the only one who said Batman sucked. And I really think he does. A batcar, a batsuit? What the hell, he should make his own line of merchandise

                        I hope his skin gets pulled off!


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                          ...he'd kick your arse.


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                            1. It's been done. And better.
                            2. Stop with the MK games now please, kthnks.


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                              The entirety if Midways economy must rely on Mortal Kombat, really, someone refresh my memory, name a game they have made in recent memory which has sold very well.