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Legitimate Pandora's Battery Seller?

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  • Legitimate Pandora's Battery Seller?

    Check this page out:


    Does the seller look legitimate?

    Am I being ripped off if I buy a Pandora's Battery?

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    I think you are, I got mine cheap on ebay, had to send my PSP to someone to be updated to the latest firm ware and get the pandoras battery from them but in GBP that only cost me around 20.


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      Hmmm... I was thinking of making one myself, but I don't really know anyone with a custom firmware PSP.

      EDIT: Hey Dude, can you make Pandora's Batteries and Magic Memory Sticks? I would buy everything, and I'd be really grateful!
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        Can I make them? No sorry dude, I know how to make them reading guides, but in all honesty I had to send mine off to get done as I didn't trust myself doing it.

        Youtube guides, theres alot of video guides there.


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          Dude, where did you send yours off to?

          I sent my old fat PSP to ghost2fitter but they've stopped doing PSPs now and i want to get my slim and lite down, could do with finding somewhere that someone has tried and can tell me they trust!


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            I was offered a Pandora's Battery by a guy at school for $10. Good deal or not?

            But the only problem is, he says that it doesn't come with a magic mem stick. However, he has the files to put on it. I heard that you had to make one in a special way, format it specially somehow?


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              Well I wouldn't know the price of these, by the way, Pandora's battery wouldn't be put on the battery, Sony didn't give them out, and people made their own using Dark Alex's(?) program, or the other team...I can't remember.
              Sony's Pandora's battery was way different, had a little screen and everything.
              I can make them, but you need a current battery for it and I only have one. There are guides on the internet, though. You just need custom firmware, or someone with it.


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                The Pandora's Battery is a clone of Sony's Jigkick battery. Both do the same operations really.

                Man, I really want this PSP to have custom firmware. There's so much more you can do with a custom PSP.