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    *cough* post #3 *cough*


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      Originally posted by Stu View Post
      Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth - Survival Horror, First-person adventure - 24/OCT/2005 - Headfirst Productions/Bethesda Softworks, 2K Games - X-Box, Microsoft Windows
      - A lovecraftian horror game.
      - Essentially an adaption of The Shadow Over Innsmouth by H. P. Lovecraft.-
      - Two sequels were to follow it, however they were never produced.
      - First unreleased sequel was "Call of Cthulhu: Beyond the Mountains of Madness".
      - Second was, "Call of Cthulhu: Destiny's End".
      FIXED. There you go Carn.
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        Ahah. You're the champ of this.


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          First of all - GREAT THREAD.
          Has turned me onto a couple of games I need to pick up.

          Permit me to make one small correction:
          Clock Tower Ghost Head - Survival Horror - 31/OCT/1999 - Human Entertainment - PSX
          -Released in Europe as "Clock Tower: The Struggle Within"
          ^This game was (unfortunately) never released in Europe or any other PAL territory.

          Looking at my shelves, I can see a few games that I think fit the bill.
          You may or may not agree, but here goes:

          D - Adventure Horror - ??/???/1995 - WARP - 3DO,SAT,PS1,PC

          ...and I guess D2 (Dreamcast?) for that matter, though I don't own that one.

          Ghost Vibration - Action Horror - 04/JUL/2002 - Artoon - PS1
          - No US Release
          - Released in Japan
          - European release cancelled
          - Released in Australia and New Zealand!
          - First-person ghostbustin' in a mansion.

          Soul of the Samurai - Action Horror - 31/AUG/1999 - Konami - PS1
          - Released in Europe as "Ronin Blade"
          - Bloody zombie slaying in feudal Japan

          ^I wouldn't necessarily consider the Onimusha games to be in the horror genre, but I firmly believe this game IS a samurai survival horror.

          The Note - Adventure Horror - 17/JAN/1997 - Sunsoft - PS1
          - Released in Japan and Europe
          - Occult journalist visits haunted mansion searching for lost travellers
          - Puzzles involving manipulation of light and dark

          Vampire Hunter D - Survival Horror - 09/DEC/1999 - Jaleco - PS1
          - Based on the anime of the same name
          - Slay monsters in Castle of Hell to rescue girl

          I'm tempted to suggest the Twilight Syndrome games too (incl. Moonlight Syndrome), but they're not really horror in the traditional sense. They could be classed in the psychological horror genre, but perhaps that's a stretch.


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            Echo Night - First Person Survival Horror - 13/AUG/1998 - From Software - PS1
            - Released only in Japan and America.

            Echo Night 2 - First Person Survival Horror - 05/AUG/1999 - From Software - PS1
            - Released only in Japan.

            Nebula: Echo Night - First Person Survival Horror - 22/JAN/2004 - From Software - PS2
            - International name is "Echo Night: Beyond"
            - Considered the best in the series.

            Here are some unknown games.
            The dates are the original release dates in Japan.
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              So easier, life is so easier. You guys are awesome. I should look into past threads. I'm gonna continue picking up such games, thank you. Now if only I get off my lazy butt and start looking for some myself so I can post. n_n;


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                VIRUS: It is aware - 3d/Action/Horror - June 1999 - Cryo Interactive - PS1
                - Takes place after the events of the film "Virus"
                - Only released in Europe.


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                  Ooops. I've been lazy. I'll gt this updatd tomorrow or something.

                  (Also... ahahaha @subtitle for Virus)


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                    These also seem to be missing:

                    D - First Person/Point and Click/Horror - 1/December/1995 - WARP - Sega Saturn, PlayStation, 3DO, PC
                    - Known as Dī no Shokutaku in Japan

                    I know someone else has posted this a few posts back but without the release date

                    Koudelka - RPG/Horror - 16/December/1999 - Sacnoth - PlayStation
                    - Koudelka's spiritual sucessor is Shadowhearts series. Takes place in the same universe with some of the key figures/items from Koudelka.


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                      Metro 2033 - Survival Horror / FPS - 16/MAR/2010 - 4A Games/THQ - Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
                      - Based on Dimitry Glukhovsky's novel of the same name.
                      - Game features a post-apocalyptic Moscow where people survive inside the metro's tunnels, since outdoors are uninhabitable because of radiation and mutated creatures.
                      - Story's outcome changes according to the player's actions.
                      - Use of ammo as currency forces the player to decide whether to use it to beat tougher creatures or spend it for superior weaponry.
                      - Light plays a great role because of the game's setting (mostly indoors), and it's used to create immersion and rise tension.

                      Hope this complies with this thread's rules, I just finished this game and I thought it was worth posting, considering it's fairly recent.

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                        Amended the topic to include D, Koudelka, Metro 2033 and VIRUS: It is aware.

                        I've also included the official release date for Dead Space 2, along with the assorted bonuses that the game comes with.
                        See you in hell.


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                          Amnesia: The Dark Decent (can't list Penumbra if you forget to list this one). System Shock 2 (though unsure if you can even list it as a horror game) . i'll look up info later.
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                            Yeah, I was just thinking about that. I'll get round to adding it at some point, along with the games mentioned earlier in the thread.
                            See you in hell.


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                              Curse: The Eye Of Isis - Horror/Adventure - 21/OCT/2003 - DreamCatcher Interactive - PC, PS2, Xbox

                              It's a little rough around the edges but the game mechanics is similar to old horror adventure games, actually this is as old school as it gets. //Kim


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                                I just checked it out on YouTube. It looks interesting. Similar to Resident Evil. I don't understand why they don't make games like this anymore.

                                But you can bet that tomorrow you'll get another First Person Shooter game. >_>
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