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PS2's and DRE's .. a sign of things to come?

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  • PS2's and DRE's .. a sign of things to come?

    Anyone else here one of the many who have PS2 DRE(disc read error) problems or freezing? I just visited the Gamefaqs PS2 board to check something and I was suprised to see more than half of the posts there were just people complaining about problems with their PS2 and asking how they could fix their DRE's.

    It really sucks to see that. Sony's warranty on the PS2 is only good for 30 days, I guess just for lemons..but I wish they'd see that the real lemons are these PS2's that can't even play games at all! I admit all of the laser problems are gone now, but it really sucks for anyone with an old PS2. I even had to run to Gamestop and trade in my PS2 and pay the extra money for a new one when Outbreak came out because it wouldn't load past the title screen!

    So, my point is..presumably the DVD drives stunk because DVD was fairly new technology at the time, right? Well, what the heck..what does this say about blu-ray drives? It really scares me, and the past few days it's been making me think of putting my proposed PS3 money aside for a Revolution instead.

    What do you guys think? Any of you guys have DRE's with your PS2s ever?
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    Had three of mine die on me. All were fixed by Sony free of charge. Cant really complain, Shit breaks, they fix it for free. Granted it does suck your PS2 DRE'ed..But I should mention that two of the DRE ones of mine were bought that way off ebay. Funny thing is Sony repaired em and I made a killing selling them as fixed ones .

    My original PS2 died after something like 4 years. It would DRE on DVD games. Send it in, Sony fixed it up with a new laser. After that I got it modded, then a new modchip came out so I sold my old one, bought a new 5000 model (dvd receiver built in, quiet fan) and had that chipped with a DMS3. Still got that one to this day

    My gamecube was freaking out for a while but I found it was because a hair got on the laser itself.

    There has been talk of Sony using cheap parts and thats the reason why their products break often (do they though?). I cant really say though as I dont have any real knowlege of the parts they use.


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      Well I have had it happen too 2 PS2s, it seems to happen in 2 year intervals. Although my second one didn't stop working it was giving me the dreaded clicking sound so I ended up getting a slime line one last year. My friends did the exact same after about the same length of time.

      You are lucky that they repair them for free in the US, when I reported mine I told them of this and it was basically like this, your warranty has expired so fuck you. If I remember right they wanted me to pay £70 for a repair which would take up to 2 week or they send a refurbished one.

      Where as my Gamecube is concerned, not had a single problem with it since buying it. Other than trying to find a place local that sells the games, I was looking for Batman Begins for the Cube today and couldn’t find it anywhere and there is only 2 places left in town that stock Gamecube games.


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        Funny enoguh, Im the only person I know of who hasnt gotten a DRE on any of his consoles ever... My Dreamcast gives me problems but thats cause its fake, get this, I had to run a BURNED(!) non GD ROM boot disk in order to run my LICENSED version of Jet Grind Radio.... that fucked up or what? But the rest of my console never peeped at me at all. I bought my PS2 which was techinically brand new... some guy got 2 of them for Christmas so he sold the other one just opening it to check for cabels and such... kickass. My GC which I got just for RE and later it was uselfull for MGS Twin Snakes, never gave me any problems either, I bought it brand new too. The rest of my friends always keep having wierd ass problems, I seem to be untouched by the curse.

        I dont know if you should get a Revolution instead Romis, not that I dont like the Rev, it really just depends on what games you are waiting for. For me it will be RE5 and MGS4, so Im getting a PS3.