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How many people actually like Book of Memories?

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  • How many people actually like Book of Memories?

    I never played it, but it looks very unlike anything Silent Hill I've ever seen. It's a real shame that gaming companies never learn.

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    Is actually a fun game to play.

    It is a dungeon crawler RPG at heart, but has several survival horror elements, limited supplies, limited inventory, some puzzles, exploration (that can also involve backtracking), weapons wear out with use.

    Co-op is fun too but I've barely done any, the way they design co-op means if you not trying to play with a friend you're not going to find anyone to play with. Probably my main criticism of the game, co-op is a big feature but they didn't use drop-in already active game co-op.
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      So, Silent Hill is seemingly dead now. Perhaps not forever, but I doubt it's going to be revived. It's a pity, because I like Norman Reedus very much, and it's been 5 years now since we had a real Silent Hill game.

      I doubt I'll buy Book of Memories either, as it does not remotely resemble a survival horror title. Once a franchise becomes a "dungeon crawler" as you said, it's just sad.


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        Remember 2012 when we had Downpour, the HD Collection, and Book of Memories as well as the second movie all in the same year? It just sucks that they were all poorly received (even though I love Downpour) which I believe is the reason we've had literally nothing released since. I was devastated (probably a strong word to use I know) when Silent Hills was canceled. I have faith that we'll receive another Silent Hill game some day but I'm not holding my breath for anything soon.

        As for Book of Memories - It looks like a fun game to play but doesn't really appear to fit Silent Hill at all. I'd say this is fine for a spin-off game though and I actually plan on purchasing it when I get around to buying a Playstation Vita some day. I probably would have already had one if not for the fact that this is the only game I actually want to play on the handheld.


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          Yeah. It's great when we get lots of stuff released in a year. But I'm gutted that Silent Hills got cancelled. Norman Reedus is great in The Walking Dead. Despite what has happened, I think he's still eager to get involved in something Silent Hill related someday.