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    Yeah the Dogs would've been nice, overall it was the story of SH1 in the realm of SH2


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      I really enjoyed the film, the only thing that annoyed me is that they didn't stick to the true Silent Hill storyline, they pretty much changed it completely.

      The cult was all wrong(what happened to Samael?), Dahlia was all wrong(Dahlia a good guy?), how it all came about was also changed.

      By far the best videogame movie so far though.
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        It is. And that sorta says it all, really. It's a good movie, but that it easily takes the title of the best video game to movie award is sorta disturbing, considering how much better it could have been.

        As for while Sammael got cut...well, I honestly haven't managed to work that out yet. Theories have ranged, in debate with my friends, from "They didnt want people saying it was a movie about Devil Worship" to "Sammael would have been too much for the plot to cope with" to "They didn;t want to offend Christians."

        Yet none of those really make much sense. So...I stick with my theory. "The writter wanted his artistic vision to range free, ass raping plotlines wherever it could, and this was one of the arguments he won along with 'No Penises in Silent Hill!' and 'While we could so easily make Dhalia the leader of this bunch of Christian nutjobs stuck in 1666, let's make her good!'"

        Oh, Carnivol...good call on the Dark. It really needs to be called 'Silent Hill, with fucking sheep and sheep fucking' but it's a good movie. Very, very Silent Hill...only, set in Wales.

        Which is just wrong.