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  • OSTs

    I'd just like to know with RE games have official OSTs. I've got 1, 2, 3 and Survivor, but 1 sounds very unofficial and unprofessional to me.

    Can someone please confirm which OSTs you can buy in official cases and stuff (or over iTunes or whatever)?

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    I really don't know where can you find them except for eBay or Amazon. I don't thing they are in iTunes.

    Now than we're talking about ost's, do you know where can I find the scans of the covers with good quality? I desperatly need the scan of the Survivor cover.


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      Bringing the topic back up, I can't seem to find the BH1 Official Soundtrack anywhere. I think that it might be fan made. Any objections?


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        There is a real BH1 and RE1 soundtrack. Both the same IIRC.


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          Evil Unleashed has every RE game's soundtrack available for free download.
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            Just a small question how many times is Wesker's theme used in the game I can count two the first being when you can hear Wesker and Barry talking behind a door with there convo muffled at least I've been able to decipher what was being said between them and the second time is when Jill finds Wesker near the Tyrant lab room.


            If anyone can make it out.
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              Dot, do you own the RE1/BH1 OST? Anyway, if you're certain that it is real, the one available for download must just be a bad rip.


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                Yeah Helegad, I do. It might be Chris' rip, he did a home-made one a long time ago for THIA.


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                  Cool. Could you contact Evil Unleashed, and maybe fix them up with the real OST? It'd be a great help to collectors, like myself.