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  • Your favourite Barry line!

    Yes, it's the topic that we've all wanted, but couldn't be bothered to make. So since I'm bored, I've made it for you.

    So, what is your favourite Barry line?

    My top three are:


    Barry: "Jill, you're here?"
    Jill: "You're here too?"



    Barry: "Whoa, whoa, this hall is dangerous!"

    Idiot, the front hall is the safest place in the game.


    Barry: "You were almost a Jill sandwich!"

    Everyone's favourite!
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    "Don't worry about me...I have THIS."


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      i love how after he's said "what, what is this" like two times, he goes and says in the same scene "WHAT IS IT" like it's really getting to him lol.
      and also when he drops the rope in the ps1 version "oh no, now i've done it"


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        Yeah, he totally overuses that line. Someone should make a tally board...


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          I haven't been real happy with Barry since they changed his dialogue in REmake.

          Original RE:
          "You were almost a Jill Sandwich!"
          "A second more and you would have fit nicely into a sandwich!"

          And no "Master of Unlocking" either. Stupid Capcom.


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            One phrase is really stuck in my head."THIS time I'll be there", I never figured out which time he meant...Maybe he actually states this before that phrase,and I just couldnt hear it thanx to other crappy translation over the original voices.
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              to be honest i cant see how and why barry is a main part of S.T.A.R.S, because you can't really have a decent convo with him, plus he was the one behind hiring Chris. So he must be a main person within the group. I say he should just work at a gym and teach ppl, because i wanted want him on my team, he's too much of a teddy bear.
              Another line has to be when jill has just killed the snake and barry walks into the room, where the big snake is just laying there, and anyone would say, well in barrys case "WHAT, WHAT IS THIS" but all barrys comes out with is "have you found anything Jill". WTF
              but jill comes back with "no not really, but i've found this hole"
              see ppl around barry get the B-Virus (barry Virus) and speak silly. when jill should of said "yeah i found this big snake trying to kill me, but i got to it first".
              Because in R.E 3 jill doesn't say any silly at all, well maybe when she kills the nemesis one last time "you want stars, i'll giv u stars" lol


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                Don't ever dis Jill's last RE3 line. She's gangsta in every way after that! Lolz.

                I agree with you on one thing: you kill a massive snake, and if you're fast enough, Barry can walk into the room, step through a smoking pile of purple blood and disintegrating snake, and still say: "Jill, have you found anything interesting?" God, I'll shoot the script writers if I ever get the chance.


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                  "Don't worry about me...I have THIS." *zip sound*


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                    Too funny, Dude!!!

                    I like how he studies evidence.
                    "I'm going to stay here and investigate for a while"
                    translation: 'I'm gonna squat on the floor and pretend to examine stuff until you leave the room'.
                    He does the same thing after the plant42 encounter...


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                      Though it changes every time I play it, this is my current favorite:

                      "JUST A MOMENT!!!"

                      Always makes me laugh.


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                        Originally posted by Dot50Cal View Post
                        Though it changes every time I play it, this is my current favorite:

                        "JUST A MOMENT!!!"

                        Always makes me laugh.
                        that line is really annoying my girl friend atm, because i keep shouting it down the phone before we hang up


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                          Lol, I think you're too much of a fanatic...


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                            ah i just want to be part of the S.T.A.R.S that's all. btw did Barrys family die in R.C. what do you think his line would of been if they were found dead. "What, What is this, hope its not my wifes body y'know"


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                              No immediately after the mansion incident he took his family and left for Canada.
                              But He returned to rescue Jill and form the BSAA (Barry's Super Awesome Army)