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    1Up has an interview with Kobayashi regarding Degeneration.


    • Originally posted by A-J View Post

      saw that video, seems the same TGS trailer, didnt saw it entirely, only saw the first 30 seconds..

      is there anything new near the end ?
      Nothing only the watermarks of 3th March 2009 and titles jap (PS3 & 360)
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      • I want to check out the new screens (JP site updated) but it crashes all three of my browsers


        • Chris leaves flowers at Jill's grave

          EDIT: It's already posted in the umbrella labs section.
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            The American Degeneration website has been updated


            • New RE 5 gameplay vids on gametrailers.



              • I just got an e-mail from Capcom Euro PR about a new RE5 site... followed by a second one saying there was technical problems holding the site up (ie. an incorrectly spelt link it seems).


                Clicking the link and putting in a suitable age will take you to a page with a torch and scribbles on a wall, mostly saying "They are in Kijuju" - but there are references to the series scribbled in places and 5 numbered areas (1-5), the 1st of which you can only click on at first and it needs a password. The general cynic in me believes that each 1 is relevant to each of the numbered titles in the series (1-5), but then again I found a couple of random codes scribbled in places.

                Capcom has just opened the interactive borders of Kijuju with the launch of . This section of the official RE5 website will be home to unique content, not available elsewhere, including reward based content for sharing Kijuju’s secrets. Initially some content may only be accessible with a password.
                Enjoy your visit.
                I'm sorry to say that the Kijuju border was not opened as planned at 18.00
                GMT/19.00 CET today as expected. Capcom is currently in negotiation with
                the relevant authorities and hopes to have the situaiton resolved shortly.
                Sorry for any inconvenience
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                • RE 5 site updated


                  EDIT: As Rombie said click on "1" and you'll see a brand new video
                  There's some stuff written on the wall:


                  Wesker is a liar!

                  Progenitor Virus

                  Sheva knew

                  they are they are they are

                  they are in Kijuju

                  Seashell is evil

                  The Kennedy Report

                  Raccoon City wasn't the end


                  Where is Ozwell

                  Flashbacks can't stop them

                  Las Plagas
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                  • Viral Campaign video on Gametrailers...



                    • Hmm..."Wesker is a liar!" could possibly indicate that he had seized control of Kijuju, acted as a sort of political savior, and then bit by bit started implanting the people with the P-virus/Plaga hybrid (if that is indeed what the viral MacGuffin is). A villager (not yet turned) or two got wise to his misdoings but by that time it had been too late. Just throwing it out there.

                      Now, we know that the megaphone majini isn't the big cheese, so that's where Wesker comes in I suppose. "Kijuju is OUR territory" probably indicates the BSAA intervention.


                      • Or possibly Wesker's not in on this little outbreak, given that he isn't supposed to have a real Master Plagas sample and Ada's other employers do..and that other employer may be Tricel. But if he isn't behind the outbreak it is somewhat possible that he tried to gain control of the town and they turned against him, and so he manipulates Chris and the BSAA to go in and cause a big enough distraction that he can get in and grab whatever it is he needs with none the wiser he was there.

                        It's the sort of thing he tends to do. I always wondered who tipped off Leon about Ashley's location...if it was mentioned in RE4 I forget.


                        • Originally posted by Darkmoon View Post
                          I always wondered who tipped off Leon about Ashley's location...if it was mentioned in RE4 I forget.
                          Before PS2 version was released (along with Separate Ways) lots of people thought it was Ada that informed Leon about Ashley's location. But in SW Ada seems to be surprised to see him at the village.


                          • It might have been Wesker then. Creating another diversion so Krauser and Ada could get the job done and if Leon managed to get Ashley so what? Doesn't affect his plans.


                            • No, in Seperate Ways Wesker was the one that ordered Ada to kill Leon, because:
                              Originally posted by Wesker
                              We can't let him interfere with our plans. (...) He's a survivor of Raccoon City. We can do without the extra distraction. Take him out.


                              • RE5 rated R in England!!!
                                It shall be uncut!
                                Possibly bad news for Australia as I'm sure the ugly censorship issue will come up again, as we don't have R rated games. Thank god (make that Sony) for region free PS3 games.
                                Other very interesting info is included!
                                When submitted to the BBFC the linear elements within the work had a running time (eg cut scenes) of 65m 17s.
                                n/a RESIDENT EVIL 5
                                01:00:00:00 53 CUTSCENES
                                n/a MERCENARIES
                                00:05:17:00 GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE
                                Mercenaries confirmed!
                                But we all knew that already...

                                Edit: so does that say 65mins of 53 cut scenes?
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