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  • [PRESENT] Resident Evil 2 Improvement

    As soon as I'm done fixing up my hack, Mega Man Remastered (a hack of Mega Man 1 for the NES, if you're interested, go here:, it only has a couple of bugs in it), I want to do my first PS1 hack.

    Resident Evil 2--An improved version

    I really want to hack Resident Evil 2, because even though the quality of the game was better than 1.5's (don't get me wrong, I love 1.5, but the quality of the game is a bit low) there are still a lot of things about RE2 that bother the shit out of me, and since no one has really taken the liberty to address these things, I want to try to do them myself.

    Some of these things may be my personal opinion, but I believe strongly in them. Perhaps you agree with some of these things?

    Here they are:

    • The height of the male zombies will be reduced to the height of the main characters. There's no reason for the zombies in RE2 to be ridiculously taller than the main characters. Zombies should be average height.

    • The skin of the zombies will be grey-colored, like they were in RE1.

    • The zombies won't be such pushovers (and yes, they are pushovers).
    RE2 zombies are the most ridiculous zombies in the series. This is what will be changed to make the zombies better:

    A. They don't get knocked back with two or three bullets, and fall down on the third or fourth bullet.

    B. When they do fall down, they don't always fall down backwards. They will also fall down forwards, like they did mostly in RE1. Yes they do fall down forwards sometimes, but most of the time they fall down backwards. The probability of them falling down forwards will be increased by a lot.

    C. The zombies have more health. They can't get killed with just a few shots from the handgun or shotgun. The probability of cutting a zombie in half with the shotgun will be increased, making the zombies more dangerous, since the top half will still be pursuing you.

    D. Zombies no longer turn their heads when playing possum. This was another stupid design of the zombies for retail RE2 (yes, I believe that the zombies of 1.5 looked and behaved better, even though they moved just a tad too slow compared to the zombies in RE1). Zombies are not supposed to have intelligence.

    E. Some zombies will have that aggressive retaliatory behavior of running toward the player once they get hit by a weapon (another thing from 1.5 that should have stayed ). The thing I liked about this, is that even though the zombies have no intelligence, it's almost like they have a hint of intelligence, like being angry from being injured by the player. But the zombies turning their heads playing possum is just plain stupid, and ruins the surprise because it is obvious that the zombie is still alive.

    F. I don't remember if this was present in RE2, but if the zombies' limbs fall off, the probability of it happening would be increased.

    • Ammo and health will be more scarce. I can't tell you how many times I've played RE2, and always getting up to the final part of the game with my item box loaded with herbs and ammunition that I just was never going to use. The same goes for Ink Ribbons. Capcom gave the player too much. That, and the zombies being total pushovers, I can't stand the fact that RE2 is so much easier than RE1. The difficulty needs to be increased for a challenge.

    • Item re-arangement. Items will be placed in different spots, so that the game will feel fresh again.

    • Certain doors will be unlocked from the get-go, while others will be locked. As it stands, RE2 is more linear than the first game. The goal is to make the game less linear, like RE1. When you first get to the RPD, there are only two paths you can go, the east wing or the west wing, but it is pointless going to the west wing first because the doors on that side are locked, ultimately forcing you to go the east wing anyway. The goal is to provide a better balance so the RPD isn't so linear in the way you proceed through it.

    • Death scenes will be modified. Can't stand the cheesy blood splattering against the screen when it happens. That will go. The death scenes will be closer to that of RE1 and RE1.5.

    • Enemy re-arrangement. Enemies will be placed in different areas, and in different quantities. And some enemies which are not very common at all, such as the lickers, crows and cerberus, will be just a little more plentiful.

    • Jump scares (such as the crows crashing through the windows) will be modified a bit with their timing, to catch the player off-guard (in other words, they'll crash through the window when the player is almost past all of the windows, to better scare the player, since they were already expecting it)

    • Mr. X locations changed, to keep the game fresh.

    And for now, that is all I have in mind.

    The goal isn't to radically change RE2 to something different. Merely to improve the game, make it a little bit more of a challenge, and make it more consistent with the first game. Just get rid of the stupid stuff and make the game better than it was.

    If you love RE2 the way it is, that's great. My problem is, I WANT to love RE2, but I just can't with these stupid things I see wrong with it. I believe that once these things are fixed, I will really like RE2.
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    sounds dope, anychance you can bring in some more jumpscares? like literally every 5 minutes if possible lol?


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      This sounds pretty good, definitely interested!
      Zombies...zombies everywhere...