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  • mods here suck

    This is Black~Crow, I just think that you ban me without giving a chance to defend myself, that's very cruel and is just what I expect from Carnivol. Whatever happens to the old days where Alzaire and everyone just talked about 1.5 and the mysteries?? I try not to talk because people just get snippy, and I only try to be a nice friend for people to talk about Resident Evil, but now I know this site is just horrible, so it can now burn in the Hell

    First I have people who try to steal credit for my maps. Nobody cares about it was I who first made all the maps, and they were RIGHT too and even the inaccurate ones were revised later but no, someone else makes a better loocking version, suddently Black Crow's maps are stupid, don't worry about him, he's just a crazy dude, conspiracy theories!!

    Everyone on this site is out to get me from the start. I try to make friends but everyone just want to fight and cause trouble. Everyone jumps up to suppost News Bot, but he won't even reveal his sources, and I know he lies so I'll believe the truth when I see it. He and Carnivol are all frioends with MrBzork and the "team", just hoarding the TRUE 1.5 away, so fuck you

    and if anyone needs proof that they're all together, how come Alzaire and Dot hasn't been seen since 1.5??
    Obviously one and the same....

    P.S I report the release of 1.5 to my source in Capcom (News Bot and Colvin know who he is) and Carnivol will hopefully hear soon...
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    Well, gee, Crow, here I was thinking merely spreading shit about us over at 1-2-3 would be enough (Enricio, the owner there, lives with me, and was greatly pissed to see drama that was nothing to do with his site being dragged over) but no, apparently you need to defend yourself.

    Here's the deal - you acted like an asshole. Again and again and again, over and over, to a bunch of members. That's it. That's what got you banned. I can list you to all the posts, if I thought you were worth any effort trying to reform. But there's no grand conspiracy. No one was out to get you. Apart from, 'Oh God, Crow's at it again' we never even talked about you - you weren't important enough in the grand scheme of things. You acted like an ass, and it got you banned - just like it got you banned at BioFlames, just like it'll probably get you banned in other places.

    You try and boss other members around, but protest when you can't say what you like even if it drags topics off topic. You slur other members without any evidence, claiming they are essentially scammers, but hassle other members to reveal sources that would ruin there projects and sites because you want to know. You post rude messages for no reason to members who don't deserve it, and then try to pretend it's a joke.

    That's it Crow. I know you won't agree, and I know you won't believe me - but you aren't my problem anymore. You aren't a member anymore, and thanks to trying to get around this ban, there is no longer any chance you ever will be again.


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      I have nothing to do with this, but...

      Originally posted by Somnius View Post
      ...I try to make friends but everyone just want to fight and cause trouble.

      P.S I report the release of 1.5 to my source in Capcom
      You're gonna have a hard time making any if you proceed with that. You'll regret it.
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        You mean if there's any trouble and a clean version of the original 1.5 iso along with the Team's mod will never happen, he'll be forever loathed for acting bitter and twisted because we refused to treat him as special? Sorta like Colvin is Public Enemy #1?


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          Had to have a little chuckle at the threat-edit.

          And holy shit @ Dot and Alzaire supposedly being the same person. This thread needs archived for hilarity.
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            Oh wow, I missed that. I guess Dot was talking to himself on all those RPD Dispatches? You know, the ones with him and Alzaire and Spencer being the ones talking? It's not as though Dot could be busy with Warcraft or Alzaire could be busy with his fiancée, no, they are clearly the same person.


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              I am Darkmoon


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                ...yeah, that makes about as much sense as anything else does in this thread. I'm both in Australia and England at the same time. Maybe the whole membership of the Horror is actually one person, just constantly posting to themselves via hundreds of alts?


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                  We do get bored talking to myself all the time...


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                    STOP banning me for no reason!! Everyone knows you're just doing what Carnivol say because nobody wants the TRUTH to get out! It's true what they all say on the 123 forums, THIA is just a place of bullies who try to crush the little guy! It was the same in Bioflames days with Kim and Alzaire and Dot, who all used accounts to make different personas, it was all just to keep 1.5 secret and play mind games! But now it ends now!

                    As Leon say when Ada throw the rocket launcher, "Game over"!

                    If you really wanted to reform me, you wouldnt ban just for no reason. All i was doing is ask a question! News Bot keeps teasing with information, well how about he reveals his sources, otherwise he shuts up! What does it accomplish?? I was just saying what everyone already knows but won't say because they are afraid of the moderators... News Bot and MrBzork, they want us to think this TEAM has the 1.5, but it's been here all along!!

                    It's such a shame that THIA backstab me like this, after all i contribute like my maps that helped make MANY YEARS of theories of 1.5... but people are ingrateful. Everyone is just the puppet of THIA like the Tyrant of Wesker, because they are afraid that they will be banned if they say what is true, but NO MORE! Just like the Tytant kill Wesker, this puppet will do his own thing!

                    All I want in my life is to play the 1.5 and talk about 1.5 with good friends, but the owners of 1.5 just want to play fun mind games and trolling. well, it's enough. now i'm banned from here, nobody can have 1.5. I sent email to my Capcom contact, and now we will see what happens.

                    Also Darkmoon, you say you are fat from drinking soda, I hope your health gets worse and worse until you become fat zombie!


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                      Here's an idea - maybe the entire forum isn't the problem. Maybe you are. You've been banned because you acted badly. Heck, you posted a bunch of spam this morning for no good reason. I've let your post stay up, though, and I invite anyone who believes you deserve to be unbanned to comment. It probably won't have an effect, since you keep doing this, proving you lack the maturity to deal with this stuff...but hey.

                      Also, I find the idea that your maps should make you special laughable. Dot, Inflames and Alzaire alls sunk years of time and a load of cash into finding 1.5, but you feel free to mock them (making alt Alzaire accounts, for example) and claim they've done all these things.

                      EDIT: Also, I'm fat from eating pizza and kebabs, not drinking soda, and of course lack of exercise due to physical disabilities (which, I've noticed, you seem to like to mock - go ahead, if you like). I only drink fizzy stuff two or three times a week, the rest is water. At least get your insults right.
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                        Here's the thing, Crow. There are ways to talk to us if you feel you've been wrongly banned. You can PM us, or go right to the top and PM Dot or more likely Carnivol (even though Dot and Alzaire are the same dude ). You could even PM others to ask them to come to us about it if you feel we can't be trusted.

                        Stop trying to be the victim. All you did was incite anger, insult members, and bully people around, slinging names and questioning their intelligence if they so much as disagreed with you.

                        Now, instead of taking the right way to trying to get unbanned, you not only made one, but two alts to try and get around a ban. That's the wrong answer x 2. I would've been a lot more lenient than these other guys, but now my hands are tied. You did this to yourself.
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                          He also spammed the Umbrella Labs. Which, since I wanted to leave this topic alone to give him his voice, took a little while to clean up. Three, maybe four minutes instead of the usual three clicks.


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                            Funny how you try to be the victim but are now saying you are going to report the 1.5 restoration project to capcom and ruin it for all of us. Many of us which did nothing to you. Oh and I guess good luck with getting the project stopped.


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                              Your maps and theories suck.
                              PROJECT Umbrella - The BIOHAZARD/RESIDENT EVIL Compendium