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  • Suggestion to prevent another spam attack...

    I think you should turn off registration and make this community invite-only, if only for a while. I've been abused by the same person/people who spammed here and on Biohaze over at a relationships related site called where someone using the names Limpy, residentfan and CJ Melendez are either spamming the same quote or abusing me in every thread, since the site is not regulated nowadays.

    They are still at Biohaze, as Gimpy and Rawhide, yet I'm not sure if the thicker than shit moderators there know it's the same ones. I've sent PM after PM about it, getting no reply. I'm sure it's being done on purpose too, since they never liked me anyway, yet I've posted there for years and being doing my best to get new sign ups to come liven it up. I've also mentioned that the avatars they use, are of actors/classmates in college, which they got from my videos on my YouTube channels.

    Like I said, this is just a suggestion. I think more harassment of me is imminent. They also posted my friend's address details, because it's kind of easily recognized in one of the videos.
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