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  • Where are the updates?

    I guess your wondering why I havent been updating my various things on the site that are ongoing. The reason is mostly medical in nature. I've had some problems in the past few weeks and required most of my attention. Before that I've just been getting hammered with other things to do. After getting most of that out of the way I've been looking at what my main lack of motivation is, and I've narrowed it down to a horrible computing enviroment. I had the misfortune over the years of not being organized with my Hard Drives and now Im paying the price.

    I have exactly 193,973 files on my hard drives right now that all need sorting . Using my computer every day nearly I really dont like doing so with it in such chaos. So with that Im taking a hiatus from the site in order to straighten things out. As trivial as it may sound the thought of my files being in all places really anoys me and I've reached my breaking point. I need to get things done here and I cant do that and maintain my usual availability. Far too often have I begun the process and have been interupted by a conversation with someone on AIM or something else. In other words, if you IM me dont expect a response. I can't keep putting this on hold.

    So with that, I hope to be back soon with a renewed vigor for working on my pet projects.

    Note: Translation work continues on TSBB, the second chapter is almost done. Bjorn is working hard still
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    I know EXACTLY how you feel. I cant stand using my main PC, even if its more powerful, its just files upon files upon files in seemingly random places


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      I knew this would happen to me one day, so for the many years I have been downloading and collecting, I sorted them right on the spot. Now I have 21,200 files neatly sorted on my desktop in 10 Folders, with little pictures as the icons. All my music is sorted by genre, resident evil stuff sorted, everything. But you have way way more files, wow, you got me beat there.


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        I know how you feel Dot...


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          Got about 2,500 files done but I deleted at least the same amount as well. The rest should go by faster as I undertook this project but stopped not too long ago but stopped.


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            That's a shame that the site is dead now. I do realize people have lives, but it has gotten so quiet here these days. Maybe their lives no longer involve THIA!


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              It really is quite tricky to find time for things and to prioritize.

              I still hope to be able to breathe life back into things on this front and every other month there's been ... tinkering. The biggest challenge is figuring out how to sort of make the forum somewhat relevant again. Everyone's all social media with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. these days, so forum software is a bit of a dying relic of the past, it seems.