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    I've found out how to obtain "real-time" cutscenes in the leaked version of BH4 PC - simply delete the MOVIE folder.

    The only downfall to this is:

    1) There is no sound/bgm.
    2) There are no models.

    ...a useless feature that only shows the camera action in real time, but it goes to prove that with the right hacking method, BH4 PC can have real-time cutscenes (which look fantastic) with models and sound/bgm, as opposed to prerendered MPG movies (which look horrible IMHO).
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      ! NICE Though only some work ;(
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        fantastic stuff Should prove to be pretty fun in the long run!
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          More free time allows for further investiagtion of BH 4 PC...

          With the right tools, method, and free time I obtained these:

          The Dr..

          Ashley poses...

          A crow...

          It was weird blowing a Ada-Ganado-hybrid's head off, but I got over it.

          Leon pose...

          Male Ganado mod...

          Ganado mod 02...

          The Merchant

          This port definitely doesn't support AA at all, and yes, I know the skins are shit....

          For anyone that is interested, model swapping does work, though with [somewhat comical] side-effects:

          I will release details within the next few days, but I simply WILL NOT release any models in any type of 3D modeling software! This images are for proof of theory and skin testing only.
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            Install BioHazard 4 normally. After installation is complete, change all the DAT extensions in the insatllation folder to GCA.

            Using GCArchiver, open and extract each GCompressed Archive. Each file will output corresponding folders with data necessary to run BioHazard 4.

            After every DAT archive's extension has been changed to GCA, and extraction with GCArchiver is complete, delete all of the GCA files, they will no longer of use (the game can use the folders as if they were the original DAT files).

            Within the extracted folders is code, OGG Vorbis audio, TGA textures, etc. needed for gameplay. You are now ready to mod BH4 PC.

            TGA Textures:
            Originally posted by albert
            The TGA files in RE4 PC can be redimensioned with size restrictions: only 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 1024 pixels.... width and height

            for example, an image of 32x64 can be redimensioned to a 256x128 image without any kind of distorsions ingame

            And there are lot of 32-bit tga which includes an alpha channel for transparencies
            Vorbis Audio:
            Nominal bitrate : 160 kbps
            Channels : 2
            Sampling rate: 48000 Hz
            Serial number: 2254
            Version : 0
            Vendor :
            Xiph.Org libVorbis I 20050304

            3DS Models:
            Install 3DRipperDX. Launch BioHazard 4 with 3DRipperDX, and press F12 to capture a single frame. This will output a 3DR-extension 3D frame that can be imported with 3DS Max. With the 3DR open in 3DS Max, you can extract models, view the map, etc.
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              This is excellent stuff, keep it up =D
              PROJECT Umbrella - The BIOHAZARD/RESIDENT EVIL Compendium


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                Yeah, here's a batch file too. Unzip to RE4 dir and run ExtractFiles.BAT



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                  This is great! My RE pal will love this shit.


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                    Hi there i'm new and i want thx ya all for "The Coroner".

                    @Mark pls .. could you update the background files on megaupload ? The link is broken.. ( both the re0 and rebirth bg )
                    If it bothers ya, may I beg u to write a small small tutorial on how-to exctract it by myself ?
                    I'm sorry i don't want ask too much, but i just discovered the coroner, and i feel addicted. It's really cool.


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                      thank u guys !
                      Now it works , thx thx thx
                      But the last of re0 are still broken. Pls pls pls ....
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                        Hello, Leelo. Thanks for the feedback, and i'm glad that you enjoy "The Coroner".

                        Concering the ZERO and Remake backgrounds - I will have to discuss uploading them to the server with the webmaster of this fine site (all together the archives weigh over a Gig).

                        If allowed, I will upload them and post a link ASAP. If not, i'm afraid you'll have to extract them yourself as Megaupload, etc. never works for me.

                        What you will need:
                        Legit GCM (ISO) copies of the games on your hard drive.
                        A hex editor, and tons of patience.
                        Details for extraction here:
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                          Mark you can host them, just be sure to check your PM's on THIA often, I may have to disable downloading of them on the FTP if they get too many hits.


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                            i think i love you both ^^
                            well, i have to say that the rebirth files work great on megaupload, i think u need to know it.
                            The only problem is the the second DISK2 of re0, i hope it can help to save band


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                              In fear of the archives [inevitably] getting deleted from MegaUpload, all BH GCN backgrounds will have a permenant home at "The Coroner". However, there is going to be slight restriction on downloads of these archives - If the "hits" of these archives exceed my allowed bandwidth for "The Coroner", downloading of them will be unavailible until further notice.

                              !This specific post will be updated with links for the BGs.
                              Credits for ripping the backgrounds goes to albert.

                              BioHazard ZERO Trial Edition

                              BioHazard ZERO
                              Disc 1:
                              Part 1
                              Part 2
                              Part 3
                              Part 4
                              Disc 2:
                              Part 1
                              Part 2
                              Part 3

                              BioHazard Rebirth Trial Edition

                              BioHazard Rebirth
                              Part 1
                              Part 2
                              Part 3
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                                To spite the [tremendously immature] flame war occuring at BioFlames at the momemt, Colvin has given me permission to release textures ripped from BioHazard Gaiden for the GameBoy Color, and I agreed. Included in the archive is a summary of the game.

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