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  • Hello Again

    Hey there everyone!

    It's Dot50Cal here. Over the past couple of days I've been working with Carnivol to get the site errors ironed out and I think we've patched up most of them. We've also updated some of the ancient entries on the right hand side of the main forum page with new releases and upcoming events. I know you're all probably deeply saddened by the realization that Resident Evil PSP (which as been a long-standing member of this section) will not be coming out, but cheer up! You may have been duped to buy a PSP for this reason but at least you gained a pretty good emulator machine.

    In all seriousness though, its nice to be back around the site and working on things again. I had forgotten how many stupid little hacks and tweaks we used to get the site running in the past. Its been a fun trip down memory lane.

    I've upgraded the forums to the latest version so hopefully that fixes any issues you all may have been getting. If you do notice issues, please report it in our thread here.

    Over the next couple of weeks I'll be working with Carnivol to see what he would like to see the main page become, and there is a good chance that the site may end up being completely overhauled. With that said, if you are interested in grabbing any content we currently have on the site (videos, articles, etc), I'd suggest you grab those and make a local copy. I've fixed the download links so they should all be working as well.

    It is good to be back.

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    Should I download the RPD dispatch episodes, or they always will be available even if the website is overhauled?. Nice to see you back Dot50Cal, I really miss the old good days when the site was super active.


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      Welcome back, Zombie.