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Further RE4 Details and Screens!

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  • Further RE4 Details and Screens!

    Today Capcom Europe confirmed a release date of November 4, 2005 for the PAL release of Resident Evil 4 (PS2). Good news for PAL owners, You dont have to wait too long for this one! Just a reminder that the US release is still slated for October 25, a mere 10 days before the PAL release.

    Also it appears that Gamestop has removed all mention of the new features (besides the PRL weapon) on their RE4 (PS2) page. Its unclear if it was a mistake on their part or if they jumped the gun on releasing some exclusive details.

    In related news Capcom has released twenty new screens of Resident Evil 4 for the PS2. The main point of interest is the many shots of the new weapon exclusive to the PS2 version, the P.R.L. (Plagas Removal Laser). It looks like once again the PRL has two modes of fire. One that shoots a large beam out towards the enemy, producing a large kickback and a mode to "extract" the Plagas from the host's body. Also it appears that many of the character models have had their polygons reduced, as well as their textures being degraded in resolution. To check out the pictures click the image below and keep hitting NEXT to see the next in the series.

    Further screens can be seen over at IGN. Credit for the IGN screens goes to all around good guy Xfactor (aka Roaddog) at Resident Evil Network.
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