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22 RE5 Screens, Degeneration Premiere, Degeneration PSP Release, and More!

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    I noticed that some of the enemies eyes are red. Hope this story is better than 4. The one pic with the map in the corner gives me hope that there will be a good amount of close quarter exploration.


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      No typewriters doesn't really ammount to a big deal for me really.

      Let's be honest, Resident Evil 4's loading mechanic got rid of the need for them anyway, so this was a logical step really, was always going to happen. They were a pointless addition to RE4, and would've been the same in RE5. I'd much rather Capcom concentrate on developing a game on a par (or at least close to) with Resident Evil 4, rather than them worrying about something that would pretty much only boil down to a fan service.

      Still, why let all that get in the way of months of repetitive internet hate, eh? haha


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        Well, it sorta sucks to see yet another part of the series we enjoy vanish into the void of, 'lets make a game as mindless as possible so as many fratboys as possible can play it without a headache!' Why do I say that? For the hell of it.

        RE5's still on track to be far, far superior to RE4 in pretty much every way imagininable. The type writters are cool, and personally I prefer having a choice to save rather than having to find a check point or end of chapter (and would it be so hard to put a type writter at the check points? The we could all be happy!) but in the end of the day it really, really doesn't matter that much. It's not as though they've removed all the scary bits to make the game simpler to play.

        ...I hope.


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          There's a guy in ^ that REALLY loves Single Use Camera's....


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            Cool graphics. RIP typewrighter you will be missed.
            "Barry never vanished from the series. It was the series that vanished from Barry. He's inside all of us. " (C) Smiley


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              come on people ^^ its only a typewriter xD
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                and re4 only changed the gameplay, is all.