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    With Resident Evil 4 being oh so close to release. I thought I would let you people know we will have a little something for you on the release of the game. So check back then for an update. We'll be launching ONE page as a test on our current server's bandwidth and general speed. We've also got a lot planned for the launch of the site. We are planning on launching with the following fully working... News, Features, Downloads (All subsections, I.E. Videos, Wallpapers, Soundtracks, Misc.) Message Board, Affiliated Links, Contact and all of the Resident Evil 1 section. You're probably asking why just Resident Evil 1, I'll let Dot50Cal answer that for me.


          Hi guys, I know you have been patient with us over this past year of downtime and uptime but the occasion is finally nearing when we will open. We have a stable server now and I'm getting content out as much as possible. When THIA opens we will be under heavy construction, but the important thing is that we will be open. Due to that it will drive us harder to get the site done as soon as possible.

          Currently I'm working on a Speed Walkthrough for Resident Evil 1, A Video Speed Walkthrough for Resident Evil 1, maps of Resident Evil 1 with full item locations, puzzles, bosses etc. As well as pictures of all weapons, items, and files in the game as well as their locations. Im also doing a "timeline" for Resident Evil 1 which should be up shortly after we open. You will be able to download every cutscene and FMV from the game so incase you need to refresh your memory on what happened or are a fan of the more recent games and just want to check out what the original game had to offer you can!

          As you can see most of this stuff is centered around Resident Evil 1. We made the descision to open early, but we wanted at least one section completely done. Ice and I have chosen Resident Evil 1 to be that section. If you arent a fan of Resident Evil 1 dont worry, we have currently over 180 video files from all the games which you can look forward to. Everything from Trailers to Commercials to Miscellaneous footage of all the games in the series as well as exclusive files you can only find here at THIA. We also have the largest section of Resident Evil themed wallpapers for your desktop needs.

          I also have a nice surprise lined up for when Resident Evil 4 released. Starting then, I will post movies of every cutscene and FMV for those who would like to know the story the day it is released. Granted this may take 2-3 days in total as the game looks to be quite long. So in short, thanks for sticking with us, the wait is almost over!