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  • Unfortunate Event

    Unfortunately I had to take down the Making of Resident Evil 4. This was done because a group of leechers attempted to link to the file directly and cause a flood of over 500 emails notifying our server of hot link attempts. Not only this a large number of users on the site also got ahold of the file. As of this writing the file has over 350 downloads. This was well over my projected downloads for this file. I only anticipated 100 max. Its quite unfortunate that a group from another site would do this. You can view their page here: Leechers

          With that said I have just made it to before the El Gigante boss fight. Ill be encoding the scenes so far however due to the face Jeux France will probably pick the news up and attempt another leech we may have to limit downloads to a select group of users. Again Im very sorry for this however we have exceeded 40% of our monthly bandwidth. Check back for updates soon!