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    Brian Ashcraft was lucky enough to be able to get passed those secret doors at the Capcom Building located in Osaka, Japan. Inside the doors, there is everything you would imagine, such as Biohazard standups, awards that they have received, and even Evil Servbots. Rare stuff that most of us (Dot50 excluded, since he probably has most of it lol), such as a 5th Anniversary Briefcase, can also be spotted in the pictures, along with tons of other cool stuff. Be sure to check it out over at Kotaku.

    Source: Kotaku

    Additionally, the same lucky guy that got inside the HQ of Capcom also got to speak with Keiji Inafune, who played a major part in this year's Xbox 360 hit, Dead Rising, the upcoming Lost Planet, and, as always Onimusha and the ever popular Megaman.

    "Den-Den Town has totally been overrun with porno stores," Inafune's quick to point out with a smile. "I don't even go there anymore. AV used to mean 'Audio Visual,' but now it means 'Adult Video."
    As you can tell, the interview is quite entertaining, as he speaks on Porn, Halo, and all his other projects.

    Source: Kotaku, again

    Special thanks go to X Factor @
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    Wow. That is awesome.
    But how did he manage do get in there?
    Some kind of open day for visitations?


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      Fast forward 4 years later, and the guy still talks of porn Still talks of Kojima, though this time, it seemed like more of a jab to get on other projects. Last time, he referred to him as his most respected developer, and they're apparently well acquainted.

      Visiting Capcom, and meeting some interesting figures isn't quite as "difficult" as you may think, if you know the right people. Judd happens to be one of them (among a few others). Oil up gears frequently, and you may even get some signed copies of games... and even a lunch date...
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        A member of have the privilege to visit Capcom Japan HQ a couple of years back too.

        As you can see, the interior of the HQ back in 2003 haven't change much compared to now.

        And lets not forget that they made a visit to Capcom Eurosoft a while ago for their anniversary special:

        Apparently you just need some good connections to take a look inside