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Wii Preorders Started today

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  • Wii Preorders Started today

    I managed to be 3rd in Line for the coveted Nintendo Wii, due out on November 19th in stores across the US. Here are some pictures to tide you over.

    Heres some of the people behind me (some arent pictured) when they opened up

    And after I got wendys and ate
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    Lol, I love thier expressions, like the girl at te bottom is like "I see you!" and the guy on the left is like.... "Oh shi-, he saw me! Ive been photographed!"


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      Wii preorders have being going on for about a month here, and noone really cares. Strange. I'll need to get my preorder in really :/


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        Screw that XD Im gonna be too busy with PS3 for a Wii right now!


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          No need for pre-orders for me~
          I'll have one on Euro launch anyway, I don't live in a place that looks like a 3rd world country everytime something the people want is available :p


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            They start with the PS3 ones on Monday around here. I'm still set to get TTP on the GC though, so no hurry for now. Nintendo won't have a hard time manufacturing the units, so meeting their shipping target shouldn't be a problem. I doubt there will be a shortage.


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              I just cannot get excited about this generation of consoles at all.

              Don't get me wrong i'm looking forward to them, its just that i'm just not interested/excited in/about buying one on launchday like i was with the last generation. I can wait

              I wonder how long it will be before someone tries to sue Nintendo for injuries recieved from using the Wii controller


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                Hm. What is the launch number of units for the WII? I'm not going to pre-order though, but i wonder when they might be easy available after the start. ;)


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                  They're going to have a pretty good amount availible. You probably won't have to pre-order, but if you want one when they come out, it's a good just-in-case move.