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Resident Evil 10th Anniversary set released

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  • Resident Evil 10th Anniversary set released

    EBGames now has the 10th Anniversary box set which contains RE4, RE0 and RE1R for Gamecube for $39.99. Its an EB/Gamestop exclusive and apparently its limited (much like the Pure Evil 2 pack). You can grab it today at your local EB or Gamestop, or their websites.

    Ill have pictures up in a few hours of my set which Ill be picking up today

    Also, due to the popularity of the Biohazard Incubate video, You guys have used up around 300GB of bandwidth.
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    300GB ouch! I guess you've either taken it down by now or are going to pretty sharpish. Either way thanks a mill for putting it up in the first place . . .


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      Its staying up, Still getting hits ;) Not out of bandwidth yet, not even close. XD


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        I picked up the DMC one from a Walmart for $29.99 and EB can't get the RE pack (Gamestop is non-existent here)

        Incidentally, the DMC box is a reprint so it doesn't have Greatest Hits labeling even with DMC3 :SE. There are even prints that tell you it's a part of a collection and not meant to be sold seperately. Cool stuff.
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          Yeah, Im gonna pick that up sometime soon. Never got into the DMC series, but with its close ties to RE and the fact that its 10$ per game.....


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            And the fact that it kicks immense amounts of ass and it's FUCKING HARD.

            (Except for DMC2)


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              WOW a box set,lol.

              If i didnt already have all the old & new versions of the RE titles, i would have loved that...

              300gig of bandwidth is crazy man,lol... But on that note, the site is lovely guys (just joined it)