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    Originally posted by ElusionM View Post
    Didn't even bother wasting my time reading past the first line to know that you have not the slightest clue what we're talking about. No one is saying anything about not shooting Adam instantly, we're talking about Leon trying to have a conversation with a zombie. Did you even read our posts properly?
    Lol like I read 3 pages of you with your cute green writing.
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      Originally posted by ElusionM View Post

      Wish I had the time to, but nawwwwww.

      Just a few of you in the bunch worth arguing with (if at all, considering most of you keep clinging onto the hesitation aspect whereas the argument is about an experienced agent conversing with zombies).
      Zombies? Plural, or are you referring to a particular one that was his friend during a state of denial and conflict?


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        Originally posted by CrimsonElder View Post
        Lol like I read 3 pages of you with your cute green writing.
        Which explains the level of ignorance you display. And you're too kind, the green text is for myself to easily identify my posts as I quickly scroll down pages.

        Originally posted by Smiley View Post
        Zombies? Plural, or are you referring to a particular one that was his friend during a state of denial and conflict?
        Adam. Leon shaking and breathing heavily while experiencing flashbacks was great and enough to show denial and unbelief that this is all happening again.

        But denial and conflict are neither reasons or justifications for him telling a full scale zombie to "don't make me do this", "stay where you are" and "Mr.President!" (in the "stop" sense).

        If there was a bystander, someone from the series who has had the experience of zombies as well, they would be all "what the hell is he doing talking to it and not pulling the trigger instead?" Capcom should have just made him hesitate all the way but keep his mouth shut at least, like Steve did and Claire was yelling for him to help. Helena could've yelled for Leon to help but Leon only would shoot at the last second. That would have been much more believable.

        You need to go back and watch the segment several times over, maybe you'll finally see why it's so ridiculous by actions, since factual proof and logic doesn't seem to cut it for you.
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          Originally posted by ElusionM
          Lol, what, the President is immune to becoming a zombie? LMAO
          That's not what I meant
          Leon certainly never thought that someone as important as the President could become a victim of a bioterrorist attack with all the security surrounding him, etc....
          He never imagined his friend and boss becoming a zombie, if you want. Just like you would never imagine something bad for your friends.

          Leon has always been the naive, easily manipulated type of character. That's why his RE4 and Degen character failed because he was never made to be the cocky type, but rather the naive, good guy Joe (which he is in RE2 and now again in RE6).
          Probably, but something's off. Why Leon, who managed to lose his innocence by becoming an experienced agent would return to his naive persona? Especially after Degeneration and Darkside where they showed him as the guy who knew a lot, but didn't bother to share these vital informations with his partners (Claire, Angela, Krauser, etc...). Capcom tried so hard in the past to show us how Leon became a badass and was no longer the naive guy of RE2.
          I prefer the naive type, to be honest, but if he's really THAT naive in RE6, then it will bother me a little.

          And doesn't change the fact he has no reason to talk to a zombie.
          You know, your behavior is never that logical in extraordinary situations. How would YOU react then? I'd really like to know. Because there's no way to tell. You could talk to your friend, cry like a baby, laugh under pressure or be cold hearted. There's plenty of reactions possible. And Leon never killed a zombified friend before, I should add.
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