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    I look forward to hearing this.
    I actually liked the 2nd one best, out of the 3 films. The first is okay. There is a lot I hate about it and it's really a pretty crap movie over all but I don't find it completely unwatchable.
    One of my (many) complaints is the look of the zombies. They look SHIT! It is so obvious that the scars and wounds on their faces have been added via a computer. It looks weak and cheap. Compare the zombies with those in Day of the Dead (made in 1985) and its just pathetic.


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      I called in!

      I am determined to call into every podcast


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        If only I could find my mic...

        Well, the first movie is the best of the bunch. It's plothole are big enough for only a person on a small bike to drive through, rather than the ones in the other movies which are more super tanker sized.

        Of course, it isn't scary. And there are major problems when more people die to lazy beams in a zombie movie than, say, zombies. And Alice's rise to super awesomeness begins by kicking dogs to death and, of course, killing a zombie with her thighs. So it's a crap horror movie.

        But compared to Apocolypse and, of course, Extinction it isn't so bad. Then again, compared to Apocolypse, syphillis isn't so bad.


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          Darkmoon, you know I absolutely agree with you here. Even more, I actually used the same arguments in my message. It's good to know that someone have similar opinion. But will you mention the deleted ending of the movie?
          "Barry never vanished from the series. It was the series that vanished from Barry. He's inside all of us. " (C) Smiley


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            i sent my ? via email, mostly due ot my piece of crap mic


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              What time we can expect the podcast?


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                Anderson had a traumatizing childhood... o_O

                If you guys get a chance, listen to the commentaries for the first film as they are abit funny to watch. One of my favorite parts was when Anderson said something along the lines of "this happened to me as a child" in reference to the events of the movie. It was amusing to me anyway...


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                  Originally posted by Project Omega View Post
                  If you guys get a chance, listen to the commentaries for the first film as they are abit funny to watch. One of my favorite parts was when Anderson said something along the lines of "this happened to me as a child" in reference to the events of the movie. It was amusing to me anyway...
                  "Yogurt?! Yogurt?!"


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                    Nomad, You mean the ending where Alice goes to Umbrella HQ? Interestingly enough, If I'm remembering right, that ending was only shown on the UK DVD release. It wasn't until one of the subsequent re-releases that the US got it.

                    I recall on the commentaries, Milla going off on one of the people for saying Jovovich, rather than Yovovich. It might have been Rodriguez. Infact, she explicitly says her name at one point for a clip intro, I think it was for MTV. She pronounces it very clearly, so maybe she just came off the set with Rodriguez calling her that XD

                    We're recording in 6 hours, so if you have a call-in, or a post you want read on air, do it before then. The podcast will likely go up early Sunday, but no promises on that. It depends on how much editing there is. It may be the afternoon.
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                      I didn't like Romero's script because it was a bastardized version of the game. I believe if that version came out, people would get confused on both storylines. Anderson's version sucks too but at least I can say it has nothing to do with the game. It wasn't until he started adding characters from the game in the second movie that I really started to get pissed off.
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                        I would prefer to have a reputable director like Romero doing Resident Evil than Anderson anyway.


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                          Well, I notice a lot of folk talking about how Romero's version would have been worse because, while more likely the better horror movie, screwed the plotline. The Anderson version didn't. Which is fair enough. It wasn't a great movie but it could, just about, have been canon. They seemed to be trying for it. I could understand why they went with Anderson over Romero...

                          Right up until Apocolypse. When I first heard it was being made I was actually quite interested. A tale of survivors in Raccoon City during the outbreak? Hey, I can live with that. And with no lazy beams maybe we'll have a decent horror movie. And show the true horror of Umbrella as Alice is attacked by Nemesis on his way to finish off Jill, and finds no humanity left in his mutated frame as the Nemesis Parasite completely dominantes him...

                          And then the movie's cast and characters came out and a little piece of me died. Still, I figure, how bad can it be? Hey, look, it's out on my birthday...I demand Anderson give me back that birthday.

                          As soon as I saw Apocolypse I started questioning why Romero was passed up when Anderson was allowed to Gang-Bang cannon in a far worse way than the Romero script did.


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                            God, why do people hate Apocalypse so bad!? It was a great action film! That's all I ask from a film!!!


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                              We finished recording. I went a bit long on my Romero script explanation, and actually ended up summarizing the entire thing. So maybe we'll put that as its own separate download for people who want to know about it.

                              The podcast should be up late Sunday. I have a lot of stuff to cull through for editing.

                              I should also mention that Rombie joined us for this. It worked out, because towards the end John got a bad headache so he had to leave.


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                                Originally posted by Helegad View Post
                                God, why do people hate Apocalypse so bad!? It was a great action film! That's all I ask from a film!!!
                                Well...because it was crap at anything that didn't involve shooting? A story so awful it made zombies cry, because it manages to take all the elements intereting from the Raccoon City outbreak and kill them. Dead.

                                - People fighting for survival? Half of them get let out by Umbrella, through the giant wall. The other half must simply cower where Alice can save them.

                                - Mad scientist being insane? Noooo. He's saving his daughter, silly. Who'll die later anyway.

                                - The giant wall. Just because it annoys the hell out of me.

                                - Any character not named Alice having a tiny, bit part and, half the time, being there for the purpose of being saved by Alice.

                                Then you have the horror elements, in what is, in theory, a horror movie. Except, really, it isn't a horror movie. It's a bad action movie and so there is no fear. Only more Alice. Do you ever feel she might be in danger? Even a little? I know I didn't. Same with Jill and Carlos, although in there case it was because Alice was there to save them.

                                And, hell, the action is pretty sub-par as well when you think about it. Some scenes are decent enough but for an action movie? It's really quite lacking. Compare it to a real action movie and the scenes are too short, and too few.

                                So...while it worked for you Helegad, most folk view it as having no redeaming features. Ever. At all. And since your best defence of the movie was, 'Well stuff gets shot in pretty fashion,' I don't think you're gonna way many folks. The story is crap, all characters not Alice are pale shadows of what they should be and there are plotholes you can pilot the Britania through.

                                Which is sad, because if they'd simply set the movie in Raccoon City, maybe given Jill and Carlos cameos, had Nemesis kick a little ass, they'd have had plenty of room for there own plot and not simply badly butchered a story that wasn't that great to start with.