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  • The Good:

    Gameplay is tried-and-true, tons of fun
    Co-op is a blast
    The graphics are nice
    You HAVE to use the knife at times, you'll run out of ammo at least once during the demo alone
    Flying Las Plagas
    Watching the axe guy kill his own fellow Majini

    The Bad:

    Doesn't even attempt to be scary
    Awful partner AI (better than in 0 and 4, though)
    The hand gun feels really over-powered while the machine gun feels really under-powered

    Demo Complaints:

    Automatically chooses Type-D controls / Default aiming speed is way too slow (won't be a problem in the full game since that will support saving)
    The video/audio problems I talked about earlier (I hope they're fixed in the full game)
    Buttons are switched from the previous games in the series, I keep attempting to fire my gun by pressing A and to run by pressing X (due to the demo being for the Japanese version)
    Practically no cutscenes/story

    Overall I'd give the demo an 8/10. It would be an 8.5 if it didn't have those problems I mentioned in a previous post.
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    • So yeah...just experience a nice double KO...Sheva was dying and couldn't help as I was getting attacked by the ax man. I was also experimenting with a different control set up. Going to try them all to see which one feels the best.
      Are you tired, Rebecca?


      • At NeoGAF lots of people complain at controls. Is it only the matter of switched buttons (A and X) and that RE plays different than, for example, Dead Space, or is there really something wrong with them?
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        • -_- X and A are JAPANESE controls.
          NOT new controls for American RE5.
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          • Originally posted by Gradon View Post
            -_- X and A are JAPANESE controls.
            NOT new controls for American RE5.
            I didn't know that. The only ones I knew of were the switching of O and X on PlayStation games.


            • Controls are inverted in Japan. Like how MGS is X=Cancel O=Confirm/Action.
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              • Majini, is that what they are called?

                As far as my experiences with Sheva:

                + She was pretty helpful with giving me ammo when I needed it.

                + I gave Sheva all of my herbs because she was a great healer of sorts since it is hard to go into the menu and use it during the heat of battle.

                + She is pretty foxy and has a cute accent. (okay I am an idiot for mentioning that)

                + She is good about occupying enemies while you sort the inventory.


                - I wish you could select which weapon for her to use as far as her handgun or other weapon. For example, I want her to use her handgun on lesser foes, which she usually does. However, when we get to the chainsaw guy or the executioner, I want her to use a more powerful weapon like the rifle, machine gun or shotgun, but she sticks with her pistol. It seems that she will use the pistol first until it runs out of ammo before switching weapons.

                - I also wish there were a "hold fire" command so you both wouldn't waste ammo. For example, I was trying to conserve ammo by staggering them with a headshot and punching them. In the midst of thing however, Sheva just kept unloading rounds into the enemies.

                - I also wish there were "go to" commands to make better use of flanking bosses.

                - Sheva sometimes would stand next to an explosive barrel like an idiot and I wasn't able to shoot it. (I wasn't sure if she would take damage and was too scared to find out)


                • Here's my REVIEW I did over at GameFAQs:

                  While I didn't get to play it on my "own" 360, I was over at my friend's house, and set up everything for the download. He's never played any Resident Evil game before, but he really got interested in Resident Evil 5. Playing Co-op with him would have been a nightmare, so I avoided that all-together. I sold my 360 to add money towards a purchase of a new laptop(and I might sell my 60Gb for a 80GBMGS4 bundle as well).

                  Anyways, onto the demo.

                  When the game screen initiates, you are left staring at the lava carved Resident Evil 5 logo. After it takes a blink, you can Start the game, with the traditional "Resident Evil!" title calling or view the Options. Only two options available to you for the demo. You're brought to a page with 3 options of gameplay, with Single Play being the highlight.

                  Once the game selection is made, you're brought to a Stage Select screen. Personally, I think the Select Stage is for demo purposes, but it has potential to make it into the final release. You can choose between the Assembly Place or Shanty Town. It doesn't matter which one you choose, because the playthroughs won't be linear or straight-forth.


                  Controls- The multiple control schemes really give you an edge over how you start off into the game. While the classic RE4 controls are more easier to use, the Gears control scheme is pretty solid in itself as well. Strafing isn't as action-paced or fps-ish, it's basically fast side-steps. You can't do much while strafing. The classic control scheme seems to be the way to go for the demo or if you are familiar with the series. Not only are they easy to use, but their quite flexible too.

                  The basic controls with Type A are L to walk, hold L and A to run, and shoot with X+RT. RT+A reloads. Basically, they are RE classics's PS3 controls in 360's format, with minor changes.

                  Inventory-The 3x3 grid is rendered in real time. You can set up to 4 weapons in the Top, Right, Left and Bottom of the center grids. You can hotswap weapons using the d-pad alignment. The hotswap feature is a big plus, it adds to tension and feels very relieving at the same moment. The first few times it also feels weird not having to open inventory to equip/change weapons, etc.

                  Enemies- While not exactly the way shown at E307, or the way promised, the enemy AI was not poor either. It is definitely improved from E3 of this year, and was good for a demo. Last recalled, Capcom has not even touched upon the AI of the enemy yet, so don't expect too much from the AI at the moment. They are however, even in early stage, a lot better and more of a challenge than RE4's final enemy AI even. They run a lot faster, they might stop at the last moment in front of still, but some of them have some pretty swift moves. For example, any enemy holding a shovel will pose a higher threat than one with a stick. They tend to run forth and swipe the shovel upwards.

                  The animation has also vastly changed from last seen. When you shoot them straight in the head, they will fall down instantly on their knees. A enemy mid-air will end up being flipped in the air. There a few last animations that might seem similar to RE4's, but they're not really noticeable and will probably be changed due time.

                  Sheva- Quick on the feet, and quite intelligent. Her AI is delievered a lot better than Outbreaks' or Ashley's. You basically don't even have to worry about her for most of the time. She'll run around, take out enemies, find any useful items, and recover you if needed. You doesn't exactly ask for ammo, you have to hand her some, but she gives you a lot of the things she picks up. Basically, leave all the healing to her, and make sure she picks up more health items than you. But that doesn't mean you should leave no attack items for her either, because she does great on her part with the Attack feature. You can control the way Sheva interacts. You can either have her Attack, or Cover. Having her Attack will control her AI to have her go on about alone, and do what's basically needed to do, and Cover will make her stay near you and do some cover fire. This is useful for enemies you do no see but she might(off-screen).

                  Weapons & Ammo-There's a total of 4 weapons. The Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun and the MachineGun. Ammo is somewhat plentiful for the demo, but it's not going to be the same for the actual game like stated in an interview. There's enough ammo to not be cheap, but not enough to go crazy shooting everything and everywhere.

                  There are a number of environmental hazards that you can use to your advantage. A number of gasoline barrels, several electric boxes, and more. Enough to inflict tons of damage to groups of enemies or the two sub-bosses in their respective stages.

                  The electric boxes tend to hurt the Executioner more than the barrels do, whereas the barrels do more damage to the Chainsaw freak. It seems they have enemy-weaknesses already pre-planned.

                  A lot of people got this around as well. You can make Chris taunt by holding the left and right buttons. It doesn't do anything for in-game purposes, and since it's not a game with gauges like DMC, I doubt it's there for anything other than a small easter egg or looks. Nothing major.

                  Overall, the graphics are stunning, small details are great. Enemy AI has been improved since the last time I played the demo at TGS(even though it's slightly), the animations for the enemies have also been modified a lot. There is enough ammo to go around the demo without fretting, unless you waste it. It's easy to waste ammo, because the enemies usually do things when least expected. The controls are quite simple and flexible, with A being the classic control scheme. Those familiar with the series will find that Type A is the way to go. However, the Gears scheme is quite decent as well.

                  Real-time item management really adds to the tension and playthrough of the game. You really feel a relief once the coast is clear, because it gives you time to peacefully manage the inventory. Hotswapping weapons is simple and a very useful feature. Aside from being a huge plus, it also feels weird at first for a Resident Evil feature. It comes in quite handy, but the tension and enemies gaining on you might confuse you here and there(at least the full game will anyways).

                  Some things need to be touched on. For example, the cut-scene flow. When Kirk arrives to take out the door, everytime the camera is on something not Kirk or the chopper, the chopper's blades sound is muted. There is no distinct chopper sound, which heavily breaks the flow of that one cut-scene.

                  They also messed around with the execution cut-scene. The newer voices don't sound as good as before for the crowd, and when Chris and Sheva enter the small room, there is no distinct yelling of the crowd(like before, or recently in the Play God trailer). This, again, kills flow of the cut-scene.

                  Weighted Score: 8.5/10


                  • I created a Japanese account but it says the demo is not availabl from my location. Help?


                    • Originally posted by CubanOlive07 View Post
                      SCORPION SUBMACHINE GUN: After the executioner breaks down the wall, run straight back toward the end of the map. Near the end, you will see a small fence to your right; jump over it. Continue toward the end of the map like before and you should see a case on the right. Open it to find this weapons stored inside.
                      Thanks a lot!!! I was wondering why I had found machine gun bulets if there was no machine gun, I had seen the demo videos and knew it was there, so I headed straight twords the building that had it, but insted, there was just some bullets


                      • Originally posted by BLSR1 View Post
                        I created a Japanese account but it says the demo is not availabl from my location. Help?
                        The demo is NOW REGION LOCKED. Here's a tutorial I made for GameFAQs though:

                        It seems some people are having some trouble over this small mess.

                        1. Download the files from:


                        2. Using a program like WinRAR or 7zip(WinRAR recommended), extract the files to any location on your computer.

                        3. Burn the files using any free burner(I use Nero, one of the best burners, but you need to pay for that)

                        A free one would be:


                        4. Burn the file onto a DVD or a CD with enough space for at least 450MB.

                        Pop in the disc in your 360, and blast away!
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                        • Ugh, is it really region-locked? I was going to play co-op with one of my RL friends, and he hasn't downloaded it yet. He doesn't have any burnable discs, either.


                          • New gamer tag is DarkCamala but I'll still be using my Rosettamist one on occasion.

                            I think I'm most comfortable with control set ups A and D. Also, nice review Elusion. Touched up on some really nice points.
                            Are you tired, Rebecca?


                            • Thanks. It's just like a small review, it's not even supposed to be detailed. I might do a in-depth detailed one on Saturday perhaps. But the demo really was great, it had it flaws, like any demo would, but it was and is worth it.

                              Btw, if you want to see enemies doing new attacks and such, there are some videos that caught it. You can also see Chris' melee as the other player(like how we have always seen Sheva through Chris, now you can see Chris executing moves because the vid is playing as Sheva):


                              It looks different for a change of view.
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                              • Someone should youtube a video demonstrating all of Chris's melee moves...that would be excellent.