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    I hate to sound like such a belligerent disrespectful bum, but I simply have few options at 8 AM.

    Basically, I have no trials left on my 360 (all three used, unfortunately), but as a longtime visitor to the site I thought I'd ask here before venturing to far less civilized pastures (not much of a forum guy myself, but I read in every now and again). Is there anyone out there willing to let me borrow their Japanese LIVE account for ten or fifteen minutes in order to download the demo?

    I've done practically everything possible, including trying my own credit card on the Japanese account (no go, obviously). Not sure what I'd be able to offer in return, but if there's anything I can do, by all means.

    Feel free to delete this if it's a bit too obtrusive. No hard feelings, I assure you.


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      So, Dot you don't like it????


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        mines scyberkid for japan and riderkidDA for america...waiyt so it works?
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          Originally posted by aris13 View Post
          Question: Anyone killed the executioner?
          yeah, I want to know that too. I must admit, and this is really pathetic, I cant pass the first level , Seva always dyes, though I passed really esaylly the second one, I was asking myself how would they put items such as keys and that (I don't know if anyone cares to be "spoiled" about this, but what the heck, I'll put it anyway)Spoiler:
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            Hmm that's pretty odd. Sheva only got killed by the chainsaw guy once for me, and that's because i intentionally tried to make it happen by taking away all her weapons

            If you move, she seems to move too. If you're stood still and aiming, she follows suit. She seems pretty reliant on the player force feeding her instructions. Not exactly the self reliant AI we were promised but still pretty handy sometimes (When you need to steal her items)


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              Originally posted by aris13 View Post
              Question: Anyone killed the executioner?
              *raises hand*

              First try, too.

              I definitely wasn't expecting that.


              Also, here are some impressions I typed up for another forum. I'll just copy and paste them here if anyone is interested in reading them.

              I want to have this game's babies.

              It really is Resident Evil 4 on steroids, and I'm perfectly fine with that.

              About the only real downside, in my opinion, is not being able to use a Wiimote to aim. It was to be expected, but after RE4: Wii Edition, aiming with an analog stick just doesn't feel right. Believe me, you'll want to set the aiming speed to the fastest setting. Having said that, it is nice to have the option to adjust the speed of aiming, even if it only offers three settings (for now, anyway).

              This game certainly has far more control options and variations than any of the previous games in the series. Even so, I really hope using A to run/reload and X for all of the context sensitive actions, including firing, is a Japanese-only thing. In the demo, there isn't any option to swap the two buttons, and it's the same for all four control types. I know other games' control schemes are backwards in Japan compared to here (see Metal Gear Solid), so I'm really hoping it'll be changed for the US release next year. Or if it isn't changed, at least allow the option to switch the buttons in the options menu.

              As for the actual demo itself, it's great. It took me a few minutes to get used to the controls (mostly because of the A and X buttons), but once I settled back into the groove, I was popping off headshots with the greatest of ease. This is still very much Resident Evil, so the action, while no less intense than other games of its ilk, is inherently slower-paced. You still can't move and shoot at the same time, which is fine by me, but I know it will still bother quite a few people. The Gears-style controls work extremely well, however, and I may actually end up using it over the classic, RE4 controls (which are still an option).

              The number of enemies has been upped considerably from RE4, and they're now a lot more aggressive than they were in that game. They also appear to be a bit tougher, too. It's hard to tell how much smarter they are, if at all, as the demo doesn't really offer a lot of opportunities for them to have to strategize or coordinate their attacks. Though if they keep coming at you in the full game like they do in the demo, they may not need to get the drop on you, as they can easily surround and overpower you without much difficulty.

              Sheva is quite intelligent, leaps and bounds beyond your partner AI in the Outbreak games. She's smarter than Ashley in RE4, though she doesn't duck when you aim at her because there is no friendly fire in this game. Though I wouldn't be surprised if they gave you the option of turning friendly fire on or off, because when your partner is grabbed by an enemy, you can perform a melee attack to free them, or just shoot the enemy with your gun. The melee attack seems kind of pointless unless there's a possibility of hurting your partner from gunfire. That's just speculation on my part, though.

              The amount of ammo seems comparable to RE4, except this time you're having to split it between two people, so you'll definitely have to be more careful about conserving ammo than you were in RE4 (though the PS2 and Wii versions had significantly less ammo than the GameCube version). Fortunately, there are all kinds of environmental hazards you can use against your enemies, and the variety and number of melee attacks you can perform have been largely expanded. Now you can perform melee attacks more often, such as when an enemy is lying on the ground, when you've shot them in the arm, or even after you've shaken them off. Some melee attacks can even be activated depending on your position in relation to the enemy (standing behind them, for example).

              The graphics, needless to say, are incredible, but there are a lot of little touches that I personally really appreciate, like Chris looking down at an enemy while he (or she) is dissolving, or Chris and Sheva actually physically picking up ammo instead of going to a pause screen asking if you would like to pick it up or not. It's even actually pretty cool that you can dodge some enemy attacks by picking up an item off the ground at the right moment, sort of ducking out of the way. I also like that, if an enemy is carrying a glass bottle, you can shoot the bottle while they're holding it, causing it to shatter. They will then either proceed to attack you with the broken neck or drop it and pull out a new bottle.

              The game has had brand new animations since TGS, but it's really nice to see them while actually playing the game for myself. There are only about two or three recycled animations from RE4 now, and they're really minor. But even though they're recycled, they've been touched up to flow more naturally and fluidly with the other animations. The physics have also been really tightened up. For example, if you shoot (or melee) an enemy, and it sends them flying backwards into a wall, they'll actually hit the wall and fall to the ground, and their animation will change to match the action. Previously, they would have just fallen back like normal with little to no recognition of coming into contact with a barrier.

              A cute little Easter Egg of sorts I found is that you can actually make Chris taunt. I'm not sure if you can make Sheva taunt as well, but I imagine you can. You just have to click the right and left analog sticks at the same time. I wonder if this is purely superfluous, or if it will play into whatever Mercenaries-style minigame there will be in the final version. Maybe the taunt will boost your score or give you a time bonus or something (think Devil May Cry and how taunting raised your Style meter). I'm probably getting a bit too far ahead of myself there, though.

              Oh, and since I made such a big deal about it before, you can steer your character while running using the Gears control scheme. You have two options for running. You can hold A and steer your character with the left analog stick, or you can click the left analog stick and steer with the right analog stick. I find the latter to be more comfortable.

              That's about all I can really think of right now, but if I come up with anything else regarding the demo later on, I'll update this post.
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                Archelon, thanks for effectively making me the most desperate man on the planet. If I don't have this demo somehow by the time I set off for work, I'm going to stop by the zoo and razzle some grizzly bears.


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                  I like to give Seva my herbs, but not the red one, she is much better at using them than me, hahahahaha, she can cure us both in an instant, nut me, naaa, I'm not going to wait till she gets near me, and also, I forget to put the plants on the rapid-change slots, so its really frustrating. Thats why I give her the herbs, she can smoke them if she wants, but it has to be near me!!!!


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                    It took me a bit to get back into the RE4 style groove. The enemy behavior is clearly handicapped for the limits that are imposed upon your character. But overall, it seems good. Its just missing something. Narrative, mostly. I wish they had chosen more exploratory portions of the game or something. Here, its just two arenas which show the combat ok, but don't really show much depth.


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                      is the demo region free ? i-e if one were to burn a dvd of the demo (which i hear is supposed to be legal by MS standards) , it ought to work on any region right ?


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                        Region free. At least, I'm playing it on my US 360 just fine. So yeah, your good. I'll have a video up of me and Carnivol playing through the Chainsaw level soon. Gotta head to bed then, but I'll have screens and more videos later in the day today.


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                          Originally posted by A-J View Post
                          is the demo region free ? i-e if one were to burn a dvd of the demo (which i hear is supposed to be legal by MS standards) , it ought to work on any region right ?
                          It seems that way, judging from what I've read over on neogaf.


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                            The online play is region free too, I'm playing with my Euro account the offline and online mode.

                            The online mode is a blast when you find a decent player, I killed with other guy the axe man and he give us a gold ring (already killed he in the offline mode too).
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                              From blim blim, gamersyde

                              follow the instructions:-

                              - download the five rar parts
                              - extraxt them
                              - this will get you one (1!) folder named "content"
                              - burn this folder to a cd
                              - insert cd into 360, it will show up as "mixed media"
                              - navigate to "my xbox", "demos"
                              - click & play!


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                                Anyone else getting some weird bug where, during the Assembly Place level, a blue line constantly flashes toward the top of the screen and the audio constantly plays this weird sound in the background? Shanty Town plays fine, though.