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RPD Dispatch Episode 13 - B Roll (The real one!)

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  • RPD Dispatch Episode 13 - B Roll (The real one!)

    An abridged cast takes their time to read some of the postings from the Resident Evil community. This podcast is not centered around any specific games, but rather is an entirely community focused episode.
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    Heres some stuff you will need to view to get some of the things we discuss:
    Heres some things you might want to watch and or look at before you listen to this podcast. It will help with some of the confusion you will have.

    Kijuju Falls:

    Dog picture angle!

    "How is beta formed?"

    24 minutes in:
    Geisha is..

    John Freeman:
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      Downloading now. I'll give it a listen tomorrow.
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        So, for anyone who's curious - Yes, this is the type of stuff that normally doesn't make it into the podcasts and part of the reason why editing can be such a chore for poor Dot50cal. Heck! Even now you're still just seeing the foam on the top of the milk.

        By the way, to anyone who may somehow identify themselves with the authors of some of the stuff we read; I've got a grand question for you guys!

        Have you ever handed in material of a similar fashion on a school test/exam? If so; What were the notes/reaction you got in return from whomever may have graded your papers?

        Oh! Additionally, we mention a "drinking game" at some point in there (Unless it somehow didn't make it to the final cut! ). I think it might need some rule refinement and a name! Personally, I'm sitting on "You laugh, you booze!" (which in itself should be rather self-explanatory as far as where it could be taken goes.) Feel free to come up with simple suggestions!
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          You laugh, you booze! should just be taking a shot anytime you laugh during one of our dramatic readings, and it's our job to pick the best possible material to get you intoxicated in the shortest period possible.


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            The one who's reading better be able to keep a straight face too!

            But, yeah, the finest of fiction (or posts) must be hand picked by yours truly to ensure that the evening is saved.


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              FINALY! =D
              I love these podcasts.
              Great to see another one posted, even if it is a random one.


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                I will listen tonight. This is like an early christmas present.


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                  I laughed hard alot great podcast guy's, you seem to have so much fun making these. Hope we don't have to wait to long untill the next one.

                  Maybe you should make a thread where the forum members ask question's and you answer them on the podcast.


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                    this should be fun :p

                    what the heck is Kijuju falls :/

                    edit : Wow.. those stories wow.
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                      Good broadcast you guy's pritty much cracked me up you's pritty much spent most the time laughing infact you must have spent aleast 15 mins in the whole broadcast just laughing maybe evan longer


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                        By the way, guys, how does gun powder spread?


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                          Originally posted by Carnivol View Post
                          By the way, guys, how does gun powder spread?
                          The moment I heard that I did a mental double-take, I was like "wait...did they mean "wildfire" or..."...I mean I guess you gunpowder around? Or....I mean....thinking about it hurts my brain. ;
                          Also, gotta say, quite a normal podcast, with normal commentary, and normal comedic gold, with normal ...oh god I can't even force myself to continue that one. Great job, you guys cracked me up.


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                            I love the qoute Dot50cal did that guy who live in the woods and escpaed from Racoon City it was really intresting and great to hear how you manage not to laugh while doing that qoute was amazeing


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                              Originally posted by Carnivol View Post
                              By the way, guys, how does gun powder spread?
                              I would imagine like how the sandman flies in Spiderman 3.