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    So no one really knows what's in between, huh?

    I think it's going to take a while to start getting into those. You'd have to start going into the 10000s, I'm sure.
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    Thank you very much. I was still wondering what the highest rank was exactly.

    I hate to bother about this further, but could you tell what number rank it is too? If you don't know, that's perfectly fine.
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    Capcom CAN be reasonable. Unlike other companies, they have some mercy and compassion for their fans.

    The day they do that, Capcom will have their retirement fund set permanently. I guarantee that.
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    Yeah, me too. No, it wouldn't really hurt at all.

    Capcom just has something about releasing an unfinished game, which doesn't even make sense because it was a demo. The games of demos may not be complete. That is part of the point, isn't it?
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    We're 99% sure he had it. He kept releasing gameplay videos, and we're happy he at least did that. If you haven't seen them, YouTube search "Resident Evil 1.5". They'll show.

    But he did that mainly to taunt us. We were all very disappointed and frustrated that we had a chance, and this guy blew it.

    No one knows who has it and where it is now; only a few copies are known to currently be in existence. And if Capcom has them...

    Well, then we can pretty much say it's over. Capcom doesn't want anybody playing them or releasing it on the internet, even though THEY released it, which is what I don't understand.
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    Oh man. Hold on...

    Okay. Here's the link to the whole story. Read it all.

    General Synopsis: Dot tried to get it, the guy who had it was an immature jerk and we lost it (for now).
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    Rumor has it that the next installment is suppose to "reboot" the series. I think that was heard from a comment from Capcom.

    What this means, no one is entirely sure. But my suspicions are that they might return to the original mechanics.

    And if they try hard enough, I'm sure they can manage to innovate.

    Maybe put the 1.5 demo as an unlockable? That would make any hardcore fan (especially an enthusiast like Alzaire) cry with joy.

    But that sounds too unrealistic right now. Assuming they still have the data for the game, they'd have to adjust it to run on the current console generation.

    Aye, you remember...the whole event involving the person who said he had the 1.5 demo, right? I probably shouldn't even bring it up...
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    Yeah, thanks.

    But I wonder. When RE6 comes out, do you think it will go back to the original mechanics of RE?

    I wonder what that would do. The hardcore fanbase is large, yes. But I wonder if it would be a step up from even the sales of RE4 and 5. I'd buy it.
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    Ah, I see. Yeah, I've seen some gameplay videos.

    Seeing as how I love Claire (she's my favorite, actually.), I think I'll enjoy it even more for that matter.

    And you need a Japanese PS2, huh?

    Well, a quick E-bay search has revealed that not a single Japanese PS2 is selling for less then 200 dollars, so I think I might pass (for now).

    I do plan (and hope. Need lots of hope for this one...) on going to Japan within the next couple years or so, though. Maybe I can buy one there.

    In the meantime, I'm going to work on finishing RE2. That game is pretty fun, and it's not so bad for me since I can play it on a gamepad (with a key emulator, so I can freely adjust the controls).
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    Yes, it does suck.

    And I'm a bit confused (again). Is there a difference between CVX and just CV? Or was it always CVX?

    Yes, I saw a thread about connecting to those servers and being able to play online on the Outbreak games. Is that still active?

    And I'll see about RE2 on the PS1. I want to start up a collection myself, and I'm very far behind.

    Dot50Cal's collection blew my mind. That must be worth several years of accumulation.
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