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    I have advanced to the rank of cockroach! Yes!
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    Me and my bro played kotor 1 nearly finished it and then his xbox died =( we never got too the ending until we replayed it again on the 360 and that was a few years later, that game was amazing the twist in the plot really hit me about originally been a sith lord, mgs: r i don't know what too think i know i'm looking forward too peacewalker.
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    i started doing different genres when i hit 12 that was the first time i played final fantasy 7 and that's when i started loving all types of rpgs, then survival horror came into my life then others too follow lol. But in the days of the old first game i ever played was pacman when i was 2, then obvious mega drive and snes era so classics like golden axe, streets of rage, sonic, mario, mortal kombat too name a few. Resident Evil 0,1,2,3 and the other misc ones will always be classics in my eyes they showed the series in its horror roots and too me will be the best resi's 5 had potential as did 4 but =( why kill the zombies? that's like taking snake from metal gear...oh wait
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    I have a feeling you will make something unique like resident evil and be the next shinji mikami and have me scared shitless like the original resi game did with me xD, its funny for me looking back because i used too really hate the old resident evil games because they scared the hell out of me it wasn't until i hit 14 that i conquered my fear and played them now i love the series until 4 and 5 occured
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    (sorry for the very very late reply ive been rather busy) not much, just been fishing all week
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    thanks hope i can make something unique and just as old skool and classic like the days of the old resi games. Practising is good especially if ya start small on like say a can or something prop like and work ya way up too a level:

    that's something i did for the project i'm working on not the one i'm gonna unveil, that project I will be unveiling hopefully round 23rd/24th of july I shall send ya a pm too show you some of the stuff.
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    damn that's a shame yeah 3d modelling programs require a decent spec computer too run but its worth it, i'm glad i'm not the only one who is coming up with ideas for unique survival horror games , BF3 i hope gets released and thanks i'm gonna be unveiling the project very soon i just hope ever resident evil fan will appreciate what i have been doing these past few months >.<.
  8. View Conversation that's the free version of maya i started using i think it is anyway of course with it been free it has limitations and the infamous watermark but ya can still build something, I'm interested in making a survival horror game something completly different too Resi but still with the whole concept of survival in mind, i've already built a rpg prototype in 2d been working on that now for 3 years gonna release it sometime dunno when that will be. Someone needs too fix Resi and bring back horror action doesn't cut it anymore lucasarts ain't a bad company i've played kotor, and battlefront 1 and 2 they ain't bad games and they expand on the universe which i like alot.
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    basically i didn't have any prior knowledge model wise when i first started its just rubbed on me slowly and now i can model >.<, the director thing i will probs have too get back too ya on but i know we do some classes that deal with writing scripts etc, and they pretty much teach ya everything although too gain more marks its better too go off and learn further by yaself as there are loads of tutorials for 3d modelling online. Companies i wanna join badly are capcom, konami, square enix or cing, but me and a mate have been thinking of starting our own company doing old skool games too begin with.
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    nah its fine feel free too ask as many as ya can , basically you have too write the story well a brief story including all events scenarios etc, you have too describe and show mechanics which can be drawn, photoshop is used alot for that kinda thing there's alot of stuff ya need too do like learn how too texture models etc but that should be part of the course if there's anything else ya need too know feel free too ask .
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