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    lol,after shooting it i was wondering how much damage it would do to a deer or a coyote
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    yha its fucking nuts but its $900 to shoot (we rented it we didnt buy it) and $55 for a box of ammo so yha we put up alot JUST to shoot it lol
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    pure fucking beast! like I said the Desert Eagle doesnt have shit on that gun. in RE5 when you shoot the gun and their arms fling back,thats how i was lol.My arms,wrist and hands hurt from holding on so tight lol.
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    lolZ thank you!
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    yha he got the shitty end of the stick

    damn dude Reiko's ending on the N64 sucks the PS1 ending of his is better where he puts on Shao Khans skull helmet and sits down at the underworld thrown.
  6. { My own personal record of stupidness } Posted where it belongs.
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    i never played MK4 on the N64 i played it on the PS1 thank god lol. if you thought Reiko's ending was bad look at Reptiles, he dies in his own ending

    i never played Armaggedon i seen my friend play a few matches on there but it didnt appeal to me like DA did. Didnt Armaggedon have alot of characters too? I remember being pissed off that there was hardly any good characters in DA.
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    Friendship and Babalities are dumb and never liked them. MK2 is a bitch on the PSN i cant beat it even on the easiest difficulty. MK4 was good cause it brought MK to 3D and it started the whole move around the room thing insted of just a small limited space. DA was good cause of the story cause i dont like Liu Kang (or how ever you spell it)

    i'm all for the ninja's in MK even the girl ones except Kitana.

    maybe i just like the bad ones lol.
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    yha all my friends say MK vs DC sucks hell a trophy whore friend of mine couldnt even platinum it cause it sucked so bad lol

    Ultimate MK3 and MKT are the best ones and MK4 is the second best one even though Reptiles ending pissed me off
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    lol have you seen Scorpions animality?

    hes a fucking penguin lol
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