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    Hey. Apocalypse mentioned that your friends list is suddenly looking really bare. Did you do that?
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    I like your avatar mate!
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    Im curious as to what animal I misspelled. I missed you man. How come you didnt accept my friend request? I thought we was buddys?
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    Somehow I knew this was gonna happen. Enjoy your weekend off.
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    Lol as if you got a misses, does she not mind that you spend 3/4 of your day on a Resident Evil forum? If you do got a misses I can only imagine the mess on it.

    Believe me or not I really dont give a rats ass. I just wanted to rub it in your face because I really dont like you. Way to bring the mods in to fight your battle as well.

    Just take a look at your wall (Below) Nobody likes you. You have been a member for 3 years and you have 4 friends. Anyway yeah I may be young and imature but you are a 28 year old who spends most of his life on a forum. I see you also get people banned ALOT so I take it that you get some sort of kick out of it, thats really sad man, you got issues. Is that seriously the only joy you get from life? Never mind if you do ever loose your virginity to some poor girl and get her pregnant at least you will have something to tell the kids someday. Yeah I spent my life pissing people off on the internet. They will be so proud.
  6. Ada's a spy?!
    Damn you and your cryptic brain-fuckery. I am going to get you hanged!
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    Pretty sweet slandering of me by you on Alexia's wall. I feel so privileged to be in your thoughts. Just because I've been involved in arguments with you and your fellow Britons Alexia and Zombie_Ted in the past 2 days, that hardly constitutes me having "such drama" around my posts.

    I'd be more inclined to say that you possessed drama, since people that are banned (beasley, darinl1979, p_anderson_die, Lord knows who else) make it a point to not just hate you, but wish death upon you. Then they go so far as to make false accounts just to come back and attack you some more. That's almost equivalent to daytime television.

    You truly have a gift to consistently earn such unbridled hate from folks. Luckily, it's just the internet.
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    No prob, I'll look when I get a minute. Yeah, I meant about the software failing and it's the first time all one model of a console has gone down at exactly the same time all over the world. I mean, 360's RRoD, but they don't do it simultaneously, neither does the PS3's YLoD. I don't get why everyone's being so mardy about the fact that I think Sony are an incompetent company. I'd say the same about Microsoft if their dashboard suddenly buggered up all specific-type models of 360s. People seem to hide behind the fact that the 360's RRoD and the fact that only fat PS3s went down, but the RRoD issue was mainly with the original Xenon 360 models and its pretty much non-existant now. The whole argument just perplexes me - I think Sony are incompetent for their software to have such a widespread issue that hadn't been picked up before, and it gets met with "but but, 360's RRoD"!
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    It's the official 360 magazine, I get it every month. I'm not sure if the old one had any but I'll look around the house and see if I can find it, and have a look through for you. We all know I'm a Sony hater! (Lol) I can't even be bothered to reply in that topic anymore because it's obvious anything I say is being taken out of context, so.. bleh.
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    Come on! You know you want to. I promise I won't report you.
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