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Thread: [RELEASE] [PS1] Resident Evil Ultimate Directors' Cut Dual Shock [MOD]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikhail View Post
    PSX-CDGen is useless because it won't adjust the toc / lba table in the psx.exe to suit your newly created files,
    MarkGrass already put out few tools to rebuild re1/2.
    BioScript and/ or BioFat, yeah?

    I don't understand how to use it. I did also read up on changing the toc/lba, but I struggled to wrap my head around that too.

    All I want to do is is keep the uncut videos and original soundtrack of this Ultimate Directors Cut mod, but keep everything else vanilla. Something that represents exactly what Capcom was supposed to do with DC anyway ( If the back cover is anything to go by ).

    ....And possibly change the cast intro music to the superior rock-ish song, and not the 'I got a shotgun' one.
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