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Thread: Resident Evil 4 in Leipzig, Germany

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    Default Resident Evil 4 in Leipzig, Germany

    IGN is reporting that they got to play a demo of Resident Evil 4 for PS2. Some interesting bits of the article are:

    Well, outside of one particular room that was missing a window. Considering there were windows to jump through elsewhere, it's likely Capcom creators made such a change to screw with those that played the original. Let us tell you, when a half-dozen insane villagers are on your tale, getting trapped in a room you thought you could escape adds a lot of tension.
    The villagers don't disappear anymore, bubbling away into acid, but instead stay lying on the ground. We were unable to determine how many villagers there are compared to the original, but the amounts seemed similar.
    It should be noted however that the first few villagers bodies do not dissapear in the Gamecube version either. Besides that it would make sense for Capcom to make them dissapear as soon as possible in a version that runs on a less powerful system (PS2).
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