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Thread: Claire in the RE movies.

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    Default Claire in the RE movies.

    Is there even a thread for the movies? I know they are aren't really liked by 95% of the people in the RE fan base but I for one happen to like the movies and my favorite is aspect about them is how they always seemed to have treated Claire's character the right way. Like I find her a perfect adaptation of her VGame counterpart. And her costumes have been on point! Who else agrees they at least did her correct?

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    As a fan of the films myself, I rather enjoy Claire's characterization in the films, but not because I think they're the same. In fact I think she's quite different from her video game counterpart. She wasn't as much of a leader in the games like in the movies if you ask me, even if she was the main character of quite a few titles.

    Plus I'm just a sucker for Ali Larter. She was so awesome in Heroes.

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    I've not even seen The Final Chapter yet. Is it good?

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