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Thread: Capcom Revised Million Sellers List (april - june 2016)

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    Default Capcom Revised Million Sellers List (april - june 2016)

    Capcom has just revised their million seller list, and some Resident Evil titles has been updated with their latest sales figure.

    Resident Evil 6 (6,5 million ---> 6,6 million)
    Resident Evil Revelations HD (1,5 million ---> 1,6 million)

    Resident Evil 0: HD Remaster is also a new million seller, with a sales figure of 1.1 million across PS3, PS4, Xbox One, PC, DL.

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    I think the "Not a Hero" delay is only slightly delaying the sales of 7. It's still a very good horror game. Although sadly, it will get more niche by the decade.

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