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Thread: Biohazard 7 being released in 2 cuts in Japan. E-Capcom collectors editions announced

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    Default Biohazard 7 being released in 2 cuts in Japan. E-Capcom collectors editions announced

    Of special note to importers and collectors alike, two cuts of Biohazard 7 will be released in Japan.
    A CERO D version will be released, as well as a gorier CERO Z version (You can read more about Japan's ratings systems here)
    How both of these differ from any Western version is yet to be determined. (Source)

    Capcom Japan have also announced their E-Capcom collector's packages.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The limited edition contains
    A copy of Biohazard 7 on either PS4 or Xbox One (either CERO D or Z edition).
    The soundtrack on CD (in a paper replica vinyl record).
    A deck of playing cards
    A burger-shop mug
    A green herb seed pack (actually rosemary).
    All contained in a sack.
    Also included is the Survival Pack: Shotgun set DLC.

    The Complete edition contains all of the above, and an additional book titled Biohazard 7 Inside Report, which is planned to have 80 pages.

    Detailed pictures and more information can be found here
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    I thought the Asian version differences where due the Korean versions being repackaged uncensored English releases?
    never understud japanese censorship whilst the likes of hentai, cosplay, etc is borderline pedophelia even all their horror games / films
    contain mostly scantily clad schoolgirls.
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