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Thread: Thats a little much..

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    Default Thats a little much..

    Downloads are open again but I have removed the Making of. It was getting too many downloads. On another note Im encoding more videos and will have them up. I am nearing the end of the game (I think) so expect some nice ones soon.

    Well you may have noticed we had a temporary suspension on the site. Ice emailed our host and here was their reply:

    We have suspended your site due to thousands of simultaneous hits, which unfortunately, brought down the apache web server. The hits to your site appear to becoming from a select few IP addresses which are downloading the same file many hundreds of times, eg:


    You are currently well below your bandwidth quota (you have used 60GB).

    We will continue to monitor the hits to your site and will remove the suspension once your site starts responding normally again.
    So either someone was trying to take us down or you guys just really wanted the intro. For now I have put a NEW password on /re4 which I wont be providing until I can find out who tried to attack the site.
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