Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage volume 1 DLC is now available for purchase

It contains three pieces of content.

A battle against the Molded to survive until dawn.

You must escape from a room, similar to the Happy Birthday tape in Resident Evil 7. You can not make too much noise or Marguerite will come and investigate and attack if she finds that you've been trying to escape. You must reset the room as you solve the puzzles so she doesn't become suspicious

Ethan Must Die
A difficult game mode with an interesting progression system
Instead, everything in this game mode appears to be randomized. The higher the star rating on a crate the better item it could have. When you die, you’ll leave a gravestone behind and if you make it back to that gravestone on your next playthrough, then you get a randomly selected item from your past corpse given back to you.
The DLC costs $9.99 USD and a season pass is available; which also includes Banned Footage volume 2, and an as yet unannounced third piece of content.