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Thread: Game Developer's Conference presentation on Resident Evil 7

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    Default Game Developer's Conference presentation on Resident Evil 7

    A Game Developer's Conference presentation on Resident evil 7 has been uploaded.

    Titled Reliving the Horror: Taking 'Resident Evil 7' Forward by Looking Back, it is almost 60 minutes long and features Director Koshi Nakanishi and
    Peter Fabiano (Senior Manager of Global R&D, Capcom Japan).

    It's an interesting talk on how Capcom arrived on the concepts and styles for RE7. It shows prototype footage and concept arts. Abandoned ideas are revealed and discussed.

    The GDC description:

    Maintaining a game franchise can be both challenging and rewarding. Game Director Koshi Nakanishi and Senior Manager Peter Fabiano explain how Capcom took the 'Resident Evil' franchise somewhere new and different, while keeping true to its original concepts. They will review and discuss various facets of conceptualization, production and postmortem phases.
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