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Thread: Resident Evil 7 Biohazard DLC 'Not A Hero' delayed indefintely

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    Default Resident Evil 7 Biohazard DLC 'Not A Hero' delayed indefintely

    Capcom Japan have published a video to Youtube apologising for a delay to the anticipated Resident Evil 7 'Not A Hero' chapter.
    No release date has been set as yet.
    The video explains (in Japanese) that the DLC will be released when it meets their high standards.


    Here is the English language announcement to those in the ambassador program. Source u/zombieali on reddit
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    It certainly is disappointing that we got this disheartening video after being really excited for it, but correction is paramount. I'm usually one to get angry at companies for releasing games full of glitches. Therefore, as sad as this news is, it's also somewhat good news as well.

    2K are actually one noted company that does this with their awful WWE games. You pay top dollar for the Season Pass deal besides the game itself, and you cannot enjoy the annual game at all just after it has been rush-released, because even the patches they update the game with just deletes your save data and causes you countless headaches. It takes 2K several months to get it right. One year, a user on their official forums noted over 50 bugs, which is so bad.

    So Capcom - please take your time with this content, and do it right. Don't screw up this game like what 2K are notorious for doing!

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